The name change ‘TU-Automotive Detroit’ is far more than a cosmetic tweak. Automakers are evolving from heavy manufacturers into nimble technology companies and the self-driving car is moving from the realms of science fiction onto the reality of our highways. The car as we know it is rapidly changing.

This is why at TU-Automotive we will look beyond telematics to this exciting frontier of new mobility services and autonomous technology enabled by connectivity – exploring innovation across the entire automotive technology community.

Justin Parker, project director said: “Anticipating the future trends of the automotive industry is exactly what this conference has always been about. Accordingly, the new angle of the show addresses the headline topics of mobility and autonomous vehicles.”

“But we won’t move away from the nuts and bolts of connectivity that has made TU-Automotive Detroit the world’s leading connected car event. In fact, the new areas are a progression and reflection of tech. trends.” He added.

“This year’s show – TU-Automotive Detroit 2015 – will comprise of the biggest names in the automotive industry to give strategic overviews that pull together the three core areas of telematics, mobility and autonomous cars. It will set the benchmark for the connected car. It’s an exciting time for the industry!”

The Trends Changing the Face of Mobility

This year’s agenda will move with the evolving industry, exploring the inter-play between the telematics, auto mobility and autonomous vehicles. You can see this year’s key topics below:

  •     Telematics – the here & now: Consider the building blocks of the connected car that continue to present challenges and opportunities such as the ultimate user experience, the connected society and the aftermarket. It is these foundations that are paving the way for the future of auto-mobility
  •     Auto-Mobility: Buckle up! The role of the car is changing. From new ownership models to sustainable transportation and smart cities, get to grips with the technology and societal changes that are fundamentally reshaping mobility
  •     The Autonomous Car: Sensors, lasers, ADAS, and regulators. The end-goal of the self-driving car is an exciting amalgamation of regulatory and technological developments. We’re deep into the journey of the autonomous car and now is the time for the industry to come together to collectively take the next step

Top Connected Car Execs Take to the Stage

Take a look at the speakers TU-Automotive Detroit attracts. We hand pick experts guided by independent research:

  •     Don Butler, Executive Director of Connected Vehicles and Services, Ford
  •     Johann Jungwirth, President & CEO, Mercedes-Benz R&D
  •     Phil Abram, Chief Infotainment Officer, General Motors
  •     Tim Yerdon, Director, Visteon
  •     Tom Gebhardt, President, Panasonic Automotive Systems America
  •     Dan Teeter, Director – Vehicle Connected Services, Nissan
  •     Frank Weith, General Manager Connected Services, Volkswagen Group of America
  •     Steve Schwinke, Director of App Development, GCC, General Motors
  •     Dave Pratt, General Manager Usage Based Insurance, Progressive Insurance
  •     Gary Strumolo, Manager, Vehicle Design and Infotronics, R&A, Ford


“The show is a great place to get an accurate pulse on the telematics industry and to meet or keep in touch with industry leaders.” Ford Motor Company

“Telematics Detroit is a great place gauge the state of the connected car and spot trends.” Wired

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About TU-Automotive:

TU-Automotive Detroit is the unparalleled event for the evolving automotive technology market as it converges with consumer electronics, mobile and IoT to re-define the telematics, auto-mobility and autonomous use-cases.