One year on from Canada’s major insurers sitting up and taking notice of the proposition of usage based insurance (UBI), the number of insurance telematics programs in the market place has doubled! To facilitate these breakthroughs, the Insurance Telematics Canada Conference last year gathered together the senior executives from the insurance and technology industries to discuss the latest issues and challenges surrounding UBI. The aim of the 2015 event is to plot the ever-expanding ecosystem that exists around insurance telematics. Visionaries and innovators from insurance carriers, brokerages, mobile network operators and telematics services providers will learn about the latest technologies that are fuelling the UBI revolution, as well as the opportunities it presents for attracting new drivers to widen insurer’s book of business.

Jack Palmer, Project Director at TU-Automotive, “As we predicted a year ago, the concept of allowing insurers to track the driving behaviour of the consumers, with the chance of a discount on premiums, is catching on Canada – as it has done in the States and in Europe”. He continued, “I would be surprised if all major insurance carriers hadn’t at least launched a UBI pilot in the next 12-18 months. There is a hive of activity in this space at the moment. People are trying to find out as much as they can and meet the right partners – this is what we will be facilitating when we meet in Toronto at the end of April”.

The Insurance Telematics Canada 2015 Conference & Exhibition (23rd-24 April 2015, Westin Prince Hotel, Toronto) will unite the emerging technical players of the UBI space with Canada’s biggest insurance carriers and brokers, making this a must-attend event to coincide with the recent rapid expansion of the industry.

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