Tuxera Inc. invites everyone interested to join Tuxera Technology Showcase at Computex 2015.  The company offers a sneak-peak into the latest advancements in smart home technologies demonstrating the fastest SMB on the market and a new way to interact with billions of IoT devices. The showcase will be held at the Humble House Taipei from June 2nd to the 5th.

Presented demos include:

  • Tuxera Network Technology packing Tuxera SMB with specially optimized Tuxera file systems brings ultra fast file transfer on Qualcomm Atheros AP148 platform.
  • Fail-safe file system technology prevents data and file system corruptions if there is a sudden storage device unplug, unexpected power loss or a portable device runs out of memory.
  • IoT Media Server bundled with Tuxera file systems and running on the latest ASUS hardware brings fast file indexing, low resource usage and rich meta data extraction.
  • Universal controller for the connected home based on Tuxera’s AllConnect technology with millions of active users worldwide. Features automated IoT actions involving connected lights, multi-session, and multi-room streaming.

Tuxera Network Technology building on Tuxera SMB stack significantly boosts the network storage speeds, pushing hardware to the limit and making it more responsive. Low memory footprint enables easy handling of multiple simultaneous connections to shared resources. Demo at Computex presents the fastest consumer SMB performance on Qualcomm’s IPQ platform.

Imagine that you can offer instant support for all connected devices at home without having to develop and maintain different protocols from scratch. Demo at Computex showcases Tuxera streaming and IoT solutions enabling the user to control and stream content to multiple devices supporting different streaming and connectivity technologies. Tuxera Media Server stores and shares all the user’s content for an always-connected digital lifestyle inside and outside the home.

About Tuxera

Tuxera is the leading provider of file systems, network storage and streaming solutions that allow music, pictures, videos, and other content to be ported across mobiles, tablets, home entertainment, consumer, industrial, or any other electronics. Tuxera’s industry-standard file system solutions for Android, Linux, Mac OS X and other platforms have hundreds of millions installations. Close collaboration with industry leaders ensures reliable compatibility and helps to set high standard in performance, low power use for embedded and mobile solutions. For more information, please visit http://www.tuxera.com