Ubzerve, Inc. today launched Ubzerver cloud framework for Internet of Things and
Machine-to-Machine Communications.

Ubzerver is the first licensable cloud framework for IoT that can be used as middleware to build complex IoT solutions targeting any application. It is modular and each module can be individually customized to meet specific requirements of a system integrator or a solution provider.

Ubzerver Application interface allows development of applications that provide application-specific data aggregation and analytics. Ubzerve provides engineering services for customization and application development.

Any IoT cloud system collects data from things or devices, which are typically sensor values and location. It must also be able to manage devices – reconfigure them and at times update their software. In addition, the cloud system aggregates and analyzes the data to meet specific use cases.

Data collection and device management can be generalized across all IoT/M2M applications. Ubzerver is a generic framework for data collection and device management. A system integrator can build an IoT solution for any application using Ubzerver as the foundation. Ubzerver improves time to market while reducing the development cost of an IoT solution.

A system integrator can utilize Ubzerver in several ways. Ubzerver is available to license with complete flexibility including running Ubzerver on own servers and also customize it to meet specific requirements. Ubzerve, Inc. provides engineering services for customization as well as for development of custom applications.

“System integrators focused on IoT and M2M now have access to a framework that offloads device management and data collection,” said Vijay Parmar, CEO, Ubzerve, Inc. “Using Ubzerver as middleware, they can focus on data aggregation and analytics significantly reducing their time to market and development cost.”

Although system integrators will mostly use Ubzerver as a middleware, it is a complete cloud system for simple devices and can be used as-is. Ubzerve, Inc. provides a hosting service, which is a great way for a system integrator to prototype the IoT solution, and also to use it for simple devices.

Ubzerver Features 

  •     Configurable for any type of device, any communication interface, any sensor
  •     Multi-tenant architecture with strict firewall among tenants
  •     Global users and global devices can optionally go across tenants to meet specific use cases
  •     Simultaneous support for many applications through configurable sensors and location capability
  •     Alarming capability related to sensors and geo fences in combination with location
  •     Support for outdoor or indoor maps
  •     Scalable through overlaid applications that aggregate and analyze retrieved data from Ubzerver
  •     Simple, intuitive, browser like user interface
  •     Contextual search for devices matching various attributes with selection
  •     Search and selection persistent until changed by the user
  •     Device configuration abstracted using settings including communication interface parameters, server information, sensors, location and firmware
  •     Remote configuration and over-the-air firmware update for one or a batch of devices



Ubzerver is immediately available to license or as a hosted service.

About Ubzerve, Inc. 

Ubzerve (pronounced “observe”) markets UbzerverTM, a licensable cloud framework for Internet of Things and Machine-to-Machine Communications. Ubzerver includes generic data collection and device management capability, is application and comm interface agnostic, scalable and customizable. With Ubzerver, system integrators and solution providers can dramatically reduce time to market and development cost for their IoT/M2M solutions.
Ubzerve is headquartered in San Jose, California.
For more information, please visit http://www.ubzerve.com.