Two of the world’s largest operating systems launched major updates to their mobile payments solutions this month. Both Google and Apple now have a solid platform in Android Pay and Apple Pay to enable frictionless mobile payments with integrated loyalty features. Loyalty features that large corporations are already eyeing up. But marketers and creative agencies are struggling to figure out how to make the most of this streamlined mobile opportunity. Until now.

Industry leaders PassKit are proud to announce their new Mobile Wallet Marketing Masterclass – MWMM. As a leader in the mobile marketing content solutions space, PassKit are perfectly poised to guide marketers and creative types towards simplifying and profiting from this platform.

“We’ve had a lot of positive feedback from our previous events — with a net promoter score of 84%. This new series is about opening people’s eyes to the possibilities of this communication channel, showing how the mobile wallet is about so much more than payments,” said Patrick Kosterman, Director of Advisory & Innovation Services at PassKit.

The Mobile Wallet Marketing Masterclass event is designed specifically for advertising executives and creative types searching for their next great idea in a world dominated by mobile devices, communication, and engagement. Guests can choose to attend a single day, a combination of two, or the entire event — as they see fit.

“We’ve designed the Masterclass to be customizable so that creative types and marketers can work it into their already hectic schedules. Equally, no one should have to miss out on anything or be forced to attend sections they feel isn’t for them — how they choose to attend is customizable,” said Ric Dunn, Creative Director at PassKit.

Built of several core sessions and hands-on workshops, MWMM is a professional, carrier-grade event where industry leaders will learn best practices, real-life case studies, top-of-the-line technology and software (like beacons and proximity marketing), solutions and creative inspiration to truly conquer the mobile wallet opportunity. An opportunity BI Intelligence claims will be worth USD 189 billion by 2018, in an IoT (Internet of Things) channel CISCO said will have 50 billion devices connected to it by 2020.

To make the most of the Mobile Wallet Marketing and IoT opportunity, visit:

The first Masterclass will take place on August 10-12, 2015 in New York.

About PassKit® and MWMM®

PassKit® is a global technology company simplifying mobile wallet and proximity marketing for the most innovative companies across the world. PassKit’s proven software and service knowledge has already helped hundreds of companies profit from this engaging channel.

Mobile Wallet Marketing Masterclass® is a carrier-grade course designed and implemented by PassKit. MWMM is for creative professionals and marketers looking to unlock the real value of mobile wallet communications, iBeacons, proximity marketing and the mobile marketing value chain.