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USA Technologies, a premier payment technology service provider of integrated cashless and mobile transactions in the self-service retail market, is proud to announce that Maeve McKenna Duska, SVP of Sales and Marketing, has been recognized as part of the first annual 2016 Women of IoT in Marketing Award from the editors ofConnected World magazine. This new list celebrates the women responsible for getting the word out on the latest and greatest advancements in the connected world. The award acknowledges Ms. Duska for her creative approach to marketing and communications, including strategic campaigns that have enhanced public relations, customer service, and sales for USAT.

According to Connected World magazine, which has celebrated women developing or using new technologies, it became evident that the role women have played in marketing positions to expand the knowledge and business of the IoT could not go unrecognized. Whether they’re tasked with promoting a product built for the mainstream or digging deep into a niche market, these women have shown they can navigate their company toward success.

As SVP of Sales and Marketing, Ms. Duska has been at the helm of USAT’s marketing and communications team during a time of massive industry transformation. Powered by the growing ubiquity of smartphones over the last decade, she has played an integral role in guiding the national conversation on the benefits of cashless and mobile payment options for businesses and consumers alike. Her programs have provided turnkey solutions, built awareness, educated and incentivized consumers in ways that have fueled adoption and acceptance of cashless payment solutions for self-serve retail businesses nationwide, all while growing the company’s footprint and significantly increasing market share for USAT as others enter the market.

One of the most important functions of marketing at USAT is educating unattended retail operators of historically cash-based businesses with disconnected terminals on the importance of moving to a connected world where data and cashless payments help increase operating efficiencies and provide revenue opportunities. Ms. Duska leads the data-driven conversation, both by customer, and in general, for the purpose of moving the market in the direction of 100 percent connected machines.

“As companies develop their newest innovations, these women have gone above and beyond to shape products and services in ways that appeal to both tech-savvy professionals and newcomers to connected products,” said Peggy Smedley, editorial director ofConnected World magazine.

This award comes shortly after news that USA Technologies was honored with the IoT Evolution Business Impact Award, presented at the IoT Evolution Conference and Expo in Las Vegas, Nevada. USAT is dedicated to successfully leveraging IoT to help solve business issues and create new revenue opportunities for our customers.

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