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Utimaco, a worldwide leading manufacturer of hardware-based security solutions, announced SecurityServer 4.0, its flagship hardware security module. With the latest release of SecurityServer, Utimaco is addressing the security requirements of the Industrial Internet of Things. New features include distributed responsibility, provisioning and decentralization.

“As the Internet of Things expands into the industrial realm, security is needed at every point of intersection between intelligent machines, people and data. We are committed to enabling the smart device industry grow from potential to reality by offering next-generation security capabilities,” said Thorsten Groetker, Chief Technology Officer, Utimaco. “SecurityServer 4.0 provides a root of trust that starts protection on the manufacturing floor and safeguards the keys to connected devices throughout their lifespan.”

Enabling the secure communication of Internet of Things (IoT) data is a critical industry priority as billions of devices will be connected wirelessly to the IoT by 2020. Risks associated with rapidly growing connectivity include unauthorized access and malicious control. In IoT, the critical security element consists of validating the communication commands between different and multiple connected components, i.e. the moment when the device—via cryptographic keys—unlocks the encrypted transmission from another device to execute the required action.

As Industrial IoT and Smart Manufacturing take off, intelligent machines will share critical data security and encryption requirements. A hardware security module (HSM) works by creating and securing cryptographic keys, and managing them for strong authentication. Utimaco’s scalable and customizable HSM serves as the cornerstone of trust within connected industries, generating and assigning cryptographic signatures to connected devices to verify the authenticity and integrity of the permit—before executing commands. With SecurityServer 4.0, Utimaco is able to deliver the same root of trust to the manufacturing floor with new features that enable distributed responsibility, provisioning and configurable security APIs.

Only Utimaco delivers a general-purpose hardware security module as a customizable platform to easily integrate into existing software solutions, embed business logic and build secure applications. New capabilities in SecurityServer 4.0 include:

  • Configurable role-based access control which supports the implementation of numerous stringent security policies, like n-person-rules or m-of-n quorum authentication for up to 15 users on a per-function basis, and the definition of custom roles.
  • Interface hardening that enables customers to deactivate applications and functions that are not used or shall not be accessible, ensuring that the HSM is limited to required functionalities only.
  • Administration-only mode which lets customers configure the HSM to execute administration functions only. Administration-only mode requires explicit activation of cryptographic functions after booting the HSM, and prevents interruption or delay of administrative actions by cryptographic operations during a maintenance window.

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