V5 Systems IIoT Stack

V5 Systems has joined EdgeX Foundry, an open-source platform committed to building a common framework for the Internet of Things (IoT) with edge computing. EdgeX Foundry was launched by The Linux Foundation and seeded with source code by Dell.

V5 Systems is a founding member of EdgeX Foundry, along with other thought-leading members like Dell, VMware, and NetFoundry.

There is currently widespread fragmentation in the IoT space, and the goal of this framework is to create a common, open platform unifying IoT edge computing. The EdgeX framework will enable IoT solution providers to create an ecosystem of interoperable plug-and-play components that will unify the marketplace and accelerate IoT deployments.

If IoT solution providers can integrate on a self-powered edge computing platform and take their applications to the outdoors, the providers would then have a new world of IoT application possibilities.

Members of the EdgeX Foundry ecosystem and others will be able to integrate their products easily onto V5 Systems’ solutions and custom create new outdoor Industrial IoT solutions.

Philip DesAutels, Senior Director of IoT for The Linux Foundation, says the goal of the project is to “reduce the anxiety organizations face when deciding what type of IoT solutions to implement, as many organizations are currently not deploying anything because they are afraid of making the wrong choice.”

V5 Systems’ technology allows customization by 3rd parties

V5 Systems’ technology creates a complete Industrial IoT Stack enabling 3rd party hardware and software integration. Today, this platform is running on Dell Edge Gateways and is powered by a proprietary lightweight, high-capacity solar-power and battery-management system that allows Industrial IoT applications to run in the outdoors without fixed power or communications.

Opening possibilities for enterprises big and small

V5 Systems enables edge computing in outdoors with its solar-power and battery- management system. This open platform allows 3rd party integration of smart sensors and software applications, thereby opening possibilities for enterprises big and small.

For example, a vineyard in California integrated multiple hardware sensors and software applications onto a V5 Systems’ Portable Edge Computing Unit (V5 PECU) without the need to trench for fixed power and communications. These sensors were able to monitor several factors in the vineyard, including climate, soil conditions and water quality. By monitoring these elements, the vineyard was able to enhance the quality of their grapes, produce more wine and increase their bottom line. The benefits were so significant that the vineyard was able to increase production many times over.

Expanding the potential of the Industrial IoT to the outdoors

As IoT standards and open-source software mature, the level of IoT interoperability will increase and, as a result, the total cost of deploying IoT solutions will begin to drop substantially, too.

As Philip DesAutels commented, “EdgeX Foundry will foster an ecosystem of interoperable components from a variety of vendors, so that resources can be spent on driving business value, instead of on combining and integrating IoT components.”

The integration of IoT solution providers will facilitate delivery of the innovative benefits of the IoT to more and more people worldwide. As a member of EdgeX Foundry, V5 Systems will help other members unleash the potential of Industrial IoT applications in the outdoors.