VeriTeQ Corporation, a provider of implantable medical device identification and radiation dose measurement technologies, announced today that it is working with Logic PD to build a medical device information system based on VeriTeQ’s Q Inside Safety Technology™ and Logic PD’s experience as an Internet of Things (“IoT”) integrator. Through this hardware and software technology platform, VeriTeQ will bring information about medical devices implanted in the body to outside of the body to provide digital health solutions to patients, physicians, and device manufacturers.

Q Inside Safety Technology is a microtransponder that is an electronic direct mark and provides a unique identification number in implantable and reusable medical devices that can accurately locate device-specific data using the internet.

The Logic PD-VeriTeQ solution connects the uniquely identifiable devices via secure messaging communications to access controlled cloud databases. When a medical device with VeriTeQ’s FDA cleared Q Inside Safety Technology is implanted into a patient, information about the medical device can be read and stored in a digital health infrastructure for access by authorized personnel.

As an example, following surgery, a patient can visit a clinic, and have his/her medical device (such as an artificial knee) scanned using a radio frequency identification reader, which will provide Q Inside Safety Technology’s unique identification number. The unique ID will then be used to retrieve and present information about the microtransponder and medical device to the digital health platform, thereby providing connectivity between patient, device, manufacturer and healthcare provider. This information could be useful in the event of device updates, medication recommendations, product recalls, etc.

“We are just beginning to scratch the surface of digital health applications, and starting to understand the importance of utilizing Q Inside Safety Technology to communicate information from within the body to outside of the body,” stated Scott R. Silverman, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of VeriTeQ. “We believe this information will be invaluable in evidence-based medicine initiatives to ultimately improve healthcare.”

“Digital health is perhaps the most valuable application of IoT technology right now,” added Scott A. Nelson, PhD., CTO of Logic PD. “We are excited to be able to add our system integration expertise to VeriTeQ’s critical identification technology. This solution is the first we have seen to provide device identification from non-electronic implanted devices outside the body without using expensive medical imaging devices.”

About VeriTeQ

VeriTeQ develops innovative, proprietary RFID technologies for implantable medical device identification, and dosimeter technologies for use in radiation therapy treatment. VeriTeQ offers the world’s first FDA cleared RFID microtransponder technology that can be used to identify implantable medical devices, in vivo, on demand, at the point of care. VeriTeQ’s dosimeters provide patient safety mechanisms while measuring and recording the dose of radiation delivered to a patient in real time. For more information on VeriTeQ, please visit