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View Technologies, a joint venture between Stanley Black & Decker and RF Controls, announced commercial availability of the Echo 300 and Echo 302 smart antennas for capturing real-time data for items incorporating RAIN RFID (Passive UHF) tags in retail, manufacturing and logistics.

The Echo 300 and Echo 302 smart antennas feature a high-performing reader capable of both Power over Ethernet (POE+) and AC power, enabling greater installation flexibility and cost-effectiveness with improved RFID performance. The Echo 300 is designed for wide-area, open and high-ceiling environments while the Echo 302 is designed for environments with lower ceilings.

With the POE+ capability, the Echo smart antennas can be installed with only a single cable for both power and network per antenna. This flexibility can reduce the cost and complexity of installations as well as offer network administrators more control over the devices.

Bidirectional, electronically-steerable phased arrays that can achieve up to 150-feet operating range with standard passive UHF RFID tags, the Echo smart antennas can locate tags with high levels of accuracy — three feet or better in ideal environments, with either a single or several smart antennas.

“With a powerful new reader and variable mounting orientations, the Echo antennas are the optimal reader and antenna technology for capturing real-time location data in a variety of wide-area and high-ceiling environments,” said Steve Hudson, president of View Technologies. “Leveraging our leadership in Real-Time Location Services (RTLS) RFID antenna technology, patents and voice of customer, we can offer the most powerful and customizable solution on the market today to companies and solution providers while keeping installation costs low.”

The Echo smart antennas use the inView Software Platform, built to enable third-party applications to run more efficiently and accurately. Through standard interfaces, the inView Platform offers insightful location-based data to Locate, Track, and Act on real-time data from the billions of items incorporating RAIN RFID (Passive UHF) tags in retail, manufacturing and logistics.

“The Echo smart antenna provides visibility unlike any other technologies on the market today in terms of RFID functionality and performance, as well as commercial scalability,” said Steve Blomberg, product manager for View Technologies. “When combined with the inView platform’s data processing capabilities, the complete system is capable of delivering key insights for businesses, such as pinpointing precise item locations, determining if those items have entered or moved from their original location according to plan, or providing notifications when items have been misplaced or are needing replenishment.”

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