VIMOC Technologies, Inc. announced a partnership with the Town of Los Gatos to deploy VIMOC’s innovative Landscape Computing platform to help the municipality manage the complex problem of traffic congestion and parking management. With unrivaled scalability and low latency, this platform will enable Los Gatos to capture and analyze massive sensory data, in real time, to drive exceptional “smart city” services.

“VIMOC’s Landscape Computing is a significant step towards helping Los Gatos residents experience reduced traffic and better parking management. The positive market response to our recently launched VIMOC Landscape Computing Platform is a vote of confidence in our ‘Internet of Things’ solution, which is enabling the growth of truly ‘smart’ cities throughout the Bay Area,” said Tarik Hammadou, cofounder and CEO of VIMOC Technologies.

VIMOC’s platform will provide drivers with mobile GPS devices real-time access to parking availability throughout the city, and guide drivers to the closest available open parking space. In Los Gatos, the current phase of the deployment will track occupancy in parking spaces around Town Plaza Park. As the project is expanded, a new downloadable app will be made available to the public. The VIMOC system will also count pedestrian and bicycle traffic, providing city operators and planners with valuable data and intelligence. The system has a learning and cognitive capability, which captures specific patterns to predict traffic.

“Parking and traffic rise to the top as concerns which affect the quality of life in Los Gatos. The Town looks forward to innovative solutions, like that provided by VIMOC Technologies, as a method to address these quality of life concerns,” said Matt Morley, Los Gatos Director of Parks and Public Works.

Landscape Computing is already being used for parking management and pedestrian-counting in Palo Alto, and additional partnerships with Bay Area cities are expected to be announced in the coming months. The platform supports 100-percent real-time sensory data fusion and analytics, enabling city managers to deliver advanced “smart” services and make better decisions based on predictive analytics. City managers can simultaneously and instantly analyze and access real-time parking sensory data at any time with a “click.”

“California cities are looking to Landscape Computing because the platform allows municipalities and other high-traffic locations the ability to transform sensory data into business intelligence and productivity in order to drive economic growth,” Hammadou said. “The adoption of this platform reinforces the demand in various industries for highly scalable, cost-efficient Internet of Things platforms for data collection and real-time analytics to bring significant business value.”

VIMOC’s platform is also unique for Internet of Things platforms in that the ‘all-in-one’ platform can capture sensory data from any type of sensor, and can be operated by an unlimited number of applications via an open-source Application Programming Interface. In addition, Landscape Computing is highly scalable and can support an unlimited number of sensors, which significantly lowers the total cost of ownership and creates a foundation for municipalities to further grow smart city services in the future.

About VIMOC Technologies

VIMOC Technologies is the leading platform provider for Landscape Computing, enabling solutions and application development for Internet of Things and smart city implementation. VIMOC’s platform provides business operators at all levels with a collaborative IoT platform, enabling a new generation of Internet services and solutions. With Landscape Computing, VIMOC is creating an environment in which a new emerging smart product or service opportunity can be realized.