Smart Packaging
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Visualead, an Israeli software company specializing in Internet of Things (IoT) Smart Packaging through QR Codes, has broken new ground at Dscoop Asia 2016 held from November 16 to 18 in Singapore with its revolutionary Visual QR Code solutions Visual QR Code and Micro Visual QR Code. The company also announced the strategic plan of 2017 to further the development of smart packaging in mobile marketing.

“The volume of smart packaging is expected to accelerate in the second half of 2017, and with the overall adoption at the brands’ side, Visualead believes smart packaging would open a new playground for programmatic mobile marketing platforms,” said Joyce Tai, chief commercial officer of Visualead. “In 2017, we aim to launch strategic and innovative variations of Visual QR Code and Micro Visual QR Code types that further optimize the efficiency and scalability for printing and laser-marking packaging partners to make packaging easy, efficient, and scalable.”

Designed to transform graphic and textual contents into highly appealing and effective QR Codes, Visualead’s pioneering Visual QR Code has been a sensation in the printing packaging industry. Upon its success, Visualead has turned attention to solving the challenges of laser-marking traditional QR Codes under the cap (UTC) or under the tab (UTT) with the new generation Micro Visual QR Code, an optimized version of Visual QR Code smaller than the size of fingernail that enables strategic placements under the tab or cap to improve manufacturing efficiency and customer experience.

Visualead’s patented software allows manufacturers to control and optimize the layout and density of Micro Visual QR Code dots to make it readable by any QR-compatible mobile reader, which ups the laser-marking speed per cap or tab by more than 35 percent. The response time of mobile reader from scanning to reading is also improved by 40 percent through Visualead’s end-to-end software which optimizes the code per the laser-marking equipment as well as color and texture of the material, making high-speed massive inline production a reality.

Brands and manufacturers can incorporate Visual QR Code in the forms of soft packaging, label and others, and Micro Visual QR Code under the caps or tabs of bottled and canned beverages and consumer goods, in order to enable various business opportunities, be it customer engagement and loyalty programs, product authentication, track and trace, or channel management. The company’s solutions have proven especially successful in Asia Pacific. Companies that have applied Visualead’s technology include Alibaba’s anti-counterfeit initiative “Blue Star,” printing and inspection solution providers such as HP Indigo, AVT (Advanced Vision Technology), CymMetrik Group, Yuto Group, Eternal Group, interactive campaign and data solution providers such as TYDIC (Tian-Yuan-Di-Ke), Pan Pass, EvoTrue Net, STORM Consulting, United Communications Group, automated laser-marking equipment and closure solution providers such as Hans Laser, HG-Laser, Macsa Laser, OnlyTec, ZHH (Ze-Hui-Hong), among many others.

Tai noted that the evolution of Visual QR Code and Micro Visual QR Code marks Visualead’s commitment to transforming traditional and unified packaging into a taggable, connectable, shareable and purchasable touch point that engages effectively with mobile natives.

“As we continue to minimize the challenges and barriers from the packaging perspective, brands have started to embrace smart packaging as one of their most effective mobile demand generation vehicles. Brands have come to realize the unparalleled values – from optimization of cost per acquisition, to maximization of customer life time value – that smart packaging can bring.”

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