Fueled by the pervasiveness of the Internet of Things (IoT), global connectedness is projected to grow exponentially. Increased data volumes also intensify power consumption across the network, prompting government mandates for energy efficiency in consumer electronics, servers and data centers. Meanwhile, mission critical IoT applications require redundancy and the ability to anticipate potential downtimes.

To expedite industry response to these imperatives, Vitesse Semiconductor Corporation, a leading provider of IC solutions to advance “Ethernet Everywhere” in Carrier, Enterprise and IoT networks, announced availability of two dual-port Gigabit Ethernet (GE) PHY reference designs based on its highly-integrated, EMI design-friendly SimpliPHY™ VSC8502 10/100/1000BASE-T GE PHY. The new dual-port copper, four-layer PCB reference designs can be leveraged to serve a broad range of markets and applications including:

  • IP Telephony
  • Digital Signage
  • Network Attached Storage (NAS)
  • Industrial-IoT (IIoT), including industrial process control, smart-grid energy distribution, transportation, factory automation & mission critical applications
  • Customer Premise Equipment (CPE), such as broadband gateways, routers / access points and IP set-top boxes (STB)
  • Virtual Customer Premise Equipment (vCPE)
  • Small Cells / Femto Cells / Pico Cells
  • 3D Printers

“Vitesse is highly focused on simplifying Ethernet networking for our customer base,” said David Grant, senior product marketing manager at Vitesse. “These GE PHY reference designs deliver an accelerated time-to-market for energy-efficient network equipment targeting high-volume Consumer, Carrier, Enterprise and Industrial-IoT applications with unique market-differentiating features.”

Highly Thermal-Efficient Packaging With Unique Functionalities And UNH Validation

The VSC8502RD and VSC8502RD-VR feature Vitesse’s VSC8502, a dual-port GE transceiver with Synchronous Ethernet, Wake-on-LAN and VeriPHY™ functionality. The device’s highly thermal-efficient packaging make it an ideal choice for fanless design enclosures. The voltage-mode line driver architecture with integrated line side termination resistors conserve both power and printed circuit board space while offering a lower EMI signature vs. current-mode line drivers.

Grant continued, “Unlike the competition’s cable diagnostic capabilities, VeriPHY does not require taking down the 1000BASE-T link nor is there an impact to data traffic. By reading real-time data from the VSC8502, it is even possible for a system to potentially anticipate if a link may go down due to an aging, compromised cable or from an external noise source before it even happens, thereby eliminating unscheduled downtime.”

The VSC8502RD reference design has been fully UNH-IOL compliance test validated. The VSC8502RD-VR reference design employs integrated voltage regulators, enabling Vitesse’s VSC8502 (as well as the pin-compatible, single port VSC8501) GE PHY to run from a single 3.3V power supply.

The VSC8502RD / VSC8502RD-VR reference design package and associated documentation are available for immediate download from Vitesse’s VSC8502 or VSC8501 product pages. Both devices are available in mass-production quantities today in commercial and industrial temperature versions.

About Vitesse

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