With the Internet of Things driving the availability of – and need for – real time data, an increasing number of organizations are looking to capture and process fast data to create interactive and engaging applications. To respond to this growing demand, VoltDB today announced Version 5.0 of its in-memory, scale-out operational database. With increased support for the Hadoop ecosystem, expanded SQL support and a new Management Center, Version 5.0 is the leading platform to create and manage fast data applications.

A Growing Demand: Hadoop + Streaming Apps

The growing demand for streaming apps and analytics combined with the increased adoption of Hadoop is driving a need for a platform that can keep up. Bottom line: It’s very difficult to build fast data applications that simultaneously extract intelligence, do real-time analytics, provide insight and take action in real time on huge volumes of streaming data. And, with the growth of Hadoop adoption at an all-time high – analysts cite 2015 asthe year of Hadoop – there is an increased need for a streamlined, efficient way to develop and manage the fast data applications necessitated by IoT.

Up until now, the solution for building streaming apps has been to implement the Lambda Architecture using a “DIY” solution made up of separate open source components; unfortunately, this leads to unnecessary complexity, performance overhead, and technical risk. As a result, companies are turning to VoltDB’s purpose-built database platform to deliver the performance, scale and capability to ingest, analyze and make decisions on fast, streaming data in real time.

“Our customers’ demand for real-time, intelligent and actionable subscriber insights has never been greater,” said Prateek Kapadia, CTO of Flytxt. “With VoltDB, we are able to focus our attention on the discovery, creation and dissemination of subscriber insight, rather than its storage and update mechanisms. With its single integrated platform and rapid data ingestion and export, we remain on the cutting edge and help our customers do the same.”

Version 5.0: New Features and Enhancements

  • Expanded Hadoop ecosystem support:
    • New Export Connectors: HDFS Export, HTTP Export, Kafka Export, RabbitMQ Export
    • Support for exporting data in Avro format
    • New data Import option: Kafka Loader
  • New bulk data import options: JDBC Loader, Hadoop OutputFormat, Vertica UDx
  • New VoltDB Management Center (VMC):  browser-based, one-stop database monitoring and configuration management

“Developers are in need of better tools with which to develop fast data streaming applications with real-time analytics and decision making across industries,” said Bruce Reading, President and CEO of VoltDB. “As the popularity and adoption for Hadoop continues to surge, there is an increased need for integration between fast and big data so developers can focus on the applications and not the infrastructure. Version 5.0 meets that demand.”

The latest version of VoltDB is currently available for immediate download at http://voltdb.com/download/software. For more information or to request a quote, please contact sales@voltdb.com.

About VoltDB
VoltDB is an in-memory, scale-out SQL database purpose-built to power a new generation of applications that thrive on fast, smart data. Tapping the lightning speed and real-time analytics of VoltDB, organizations are able to add context and intelligence to data – the instant it arrives – to make real-time transactional decisions that maximize business value. The relational database is architected to meet the distinct requirements of fast data, which leads to Big Data. Organizations in markets such as mobile, financial services, energy, advertising, security and gaming rely on VoltDB to process smart data fast to capture new revenue opportunities, drive competitive advantage and create highly-specialized interactions. VoltDB is privately held with offices in Bedford, Mass. and Santa Clara, Calif.