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WakingApp announced a full Mandarin language version of its successful software, placing it prominently as the leading AR and VR software in the Chinese market. Wakingapp provides a powerful cloud-based platform that enables users to create virtual and augmented reality content. Already, users around the world upload hundreds of new content every week; although, this is expected to increase as more Chinese users can now navigate the platform in their native language. The firm’s ENTiTi VR content creation platform for PC and Mac is the first in the world to enable non-developers easily to create rich, highly interactive virtual reality content for leading devices, including the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive. WakingApp enables anyone, without any programming experience, to create advanced interactive VR and AR content, including IoT capabilities, once and immediately make it viewable on leading Mobile VR glasses like Google Cardboard, Zeiss VR One, FreeFly VR and Samsung Gear VR and now also Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and upcoming new devices.

“The Chinese market is booming with thousands of developers and in many ways leads the world in AR and VR content,” said Alon Melchner, Founder and President of WakingApp. “We have published our software in native Mandarin to increase the number of content creators to potentially millions of non-developers to create exciting AR and VR content, as expected with the size of China.”

“Since our strategic investment from three major Chinese companies, we have steadily directed our energy to this growing market,” said Udi Shani, CEO of WakingApp. “We are humbled by the growing interest in WakingApp across multiple businesses, including leading industrial corporations, architecture firms, museums, educational institutions, medical organizations, theme parks, and many individual artists that are already creating hundreds of content weekly.

Called “the Wix of virtual and augmented reality” by analysts at Piper Jaffray, WakingApp was highlighted at the Global Innovator Conference Virtual Reality Summit in Beijing this past April and lead a public demonstration of the platform for hundreds of attendees at the China International Defense Electronics Exhibition (CIDEX) inBeijing this past May. Thanks to WakingApp’s ENTiTi platform, anyone can now create Virtual reality and Augmented reality content in hours and immediately publish it to all major platforms so this medium will finally be able to meet the demand for content in the near future.

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