The auto industry has officially entered the post-connectivity era! The car is now truly poised to become a node in the Internet of Things. A 100% connected lifestyle is no longer a pipe dream but a reality that is almost upon us. As a result, the world’s largest connected car event, Telematics Detroit, has attracted key members of the press from publications such as Engadget, The Wall Street Journal, Reuters, Bloomberg and Automotive News. This year the first-ever press briefing took place to highlight how the event has evolved to embrace this new era of automotive connectivity brought on by the rise of the connected consumer.

Precksha Saksena-Sood, Telematics Update’s managing director, explains, “Firstly, the connected car piece is no longer being viewed as an adjunct to core business by major automakers, if anything – this is going to revolutionize car brands and hence we’ve elevated the seniority of the show by adding a c-level piece. Watch out for the super-panel this morning that will bring together a host of c-level execs to share their future vision of the connected car.”

“Secondly, this show is no longer about connecting the car as that’s already happened. For the first time we are going to truly scope out the role of the car within IoT and we will also look at the role of non-automotive companies and partners.”

“Thirdly, the traditional automotive space is being shaken up by swift footed challengers from Silicon Valley and outside. We are going to delve deeper into the role disruption and innovation play at Telematics Detroit with a dedicated conference track.”

The full Telematics Detroit 2014 agenda can be found here:

For those unable to make it to the event, a summary of each day will be released on the Telematics Update website to highlight key takeaways. This year’s conference has hit record numbers (over 2000 attendees) reflecting the shift in the industry – connectivity has become top of the automotive agenda, and not just automotive. It’s now about connecting the car to the broader universe and the role of non-auto companies, like CE giants, will come to play. An industry revolution is upon us! For more information, sign up to the Telematics Update newsletter at

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