STMicroelectronics announces that Maxwell Guider Technology, an innovative wearable-solutions company in Taiwan, selected ST’s LSM330 6-axis inertial module and LIS3DSH 3-axis accelerometer as the foundation for its low-power motion-sensing activity trackers suited for all generations and lifestyles.

“Simple activity-tracking capability is no longer enough for consumers adopting the Smart Mobile Lifestyle; bulky, dull, and dumb wearable devices are not welcomed in the market,” said Morgan Yang, CEO of Maxwell Guider Technology. “Consumers want wearable devices that are smart enough to automatically distinguish whether they are swimming, playing soccer, dancing or practicing yoga, and ST is the only supplier whose sensors keep that concept in mind-and meet our demands for dynamic and selectable acceleration range, stability, and power efficiency. That’s why we have chosen to use ST’s leading-edge MEMS devices.”

“In the IoT era, wearable applications are becoming increasingly diverse,” said Benedetto Vigna, Executive Vice President and General Manager of the Analog, MEMS & Sensors Group at STMicroelectronics. “Innovative companies such as Maxwell Guider Technology are challenging us to deliver sensors that are smaller, thinner, more durable, as well as more accurate, more stable, and use less power. As the top MEMS manufacturer with more than 900 MEMS-related patents and patent applications worldwide, we welcome that challenge.”

Both the LIS3DSH 3-axis accelerometer and LSM330 6-axis inertial module embed finite state machines – programmable blocks that enable custom motion recognition. The two devices enable Maxwell Guider Technology to develop extremely compact and accurate activity trackers with low power consumption and realistic motion analysis for applications in digital consumer, healthcare/fitness, gaming, and pet tracking, as well wearable sensing, indoor/outdoor navigation, augmented reality, and other location-based services.

With its sights set on these applications in the fast-paced wearables markets, Maxwell Guider is focusing on a market that it estimates to reach $10 billion in the next two years.