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IoT Slam 2016, the Internet of Things Community’s second international IoT (Internet of Things) Virtual conference, announces The Weather Company’s CITO Bryson Koelher is to deliver a Mastermind Headline Keynote at the Second International IoT Slam 2016 virtual internet of things conference, April 28th, 2016, held online in the cloud.

Organized by experts and authorities in the IoT industry and backed by the world’s largest CxO IoT Community (consisting of 12,000+ senior business executives and the IoT industry movers and shakers), this online conference will highlight key trends, real world industry use-cases, important advancements and defining accomplishments in the development and management of IoT.

In his Keynote, titled “Weathering the IoT Storm”, Bryson Koehler, the chief information and technology officer for The Weather Company, an IBM Business, will discuss how his team, for instance, helps airlines take the subjectivity out of decision making when scheduling aircraft for maintenance, especially after the planes hit turbulence, with a high degree of accuracy. Routine weather cost US businesses over $500 billion in 2014. Outside of political turmoil, weather is the most powerful force that can interrupt a business. Predictable weather information – using forecasts created for 2.2 billion global locations – and its effects on business in the near or far future, and actionable insights to avoid such situations, could be worth more to companies than just a weather forecast.

Commenting on the announcement, Bryson Koehler, CITO at The Weather Company, an IBM Business, said, “Weather was the original Big Data problem and Data is quickly becoming the world’s next great natural resource. The potential for connecting data from within the Internet of Things is astronomical, especially as it relates to weather. With data coming from smartphones, airplanes, windshield wipers, irrigation systems, and billions of other devices, we can derive great cognitive insight and value that helps billions of consumers and tens of thousands of business make better decisions.”

“We are delighted to announce Bryson’s and IBM’s participation as the headline keynote speaker at the Second International IoT Slam Internet of Things conference April 28th,” said Bill Mortimer, Vice President of Strategic Marketing at Spirent Communications, and IoT Slam Organizing Committee Chairman. “The Weather Company is a strategic acquisition for IBM as they have secured the assets and know-how of the world’s largest plug and play IoT system. It will be intriguing to see how IBM integrates their cloud and leverages The Weather Company going forward. We look forward to Bryson shedding light on this and future direction of IoT.”

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