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WebNMS, the leading provider of enterprise IoT Platform and solutions, set the stage for interactive demos and discussions at IoT Evolution Expo 2016, Las Vegas. Product Director, Prabhu Ramachandran and team discussed on the significance of open platform over silos in enterprises deployments.

Applications built over the platform significantly reduce operational expenses, downtime and unwarranted losses and augments the overall productivity. Energy optimization and remote asset management are the key areas of focus for this winner of 2015 Smart Machines award. “Our R&D intensive IoT platform encourages quick application development, at minimal cost; its advantageous for sensor/gateway manufacturers, software vendors and developers to build user specific applications using our platform rather than investing on propriety software that has limited scope,” said Mr. Prabhu Ramchandran, Director, WebNMS.

Symphony EdgeX, the platform’s exclusive built-in data agent expedites deployment, encouraging system integrators and manufacturers with prompt SLAs and quicker time to market. The multi-gateway compatible agent stimulates seamless device integration, data acquisition and processing. It catalyzes the platform’s compatibility with leading gateway manufacturers like Option, NetComm Wireless, B+B Advantech, Libellium, ADLink and the like.

“Its third year in a row that we are participating in the IoT Evolution Expo and look forward to an eventful show as ever,” signed off Mr. Ramachandran.

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