From the Mobile World Congress show in Barcelona, Spain, Wedge Networks, the leader in orchestrated threat management solutions, announced a family of new Security-as-a-Service packages, to provide urgently needed Security and Compliance enforcement services for the rapidly expanding Internet of Things (IoT) in Enterprise networks globally. The new packages are available immediately for implementation using Wedge Cloud Network Defense™ (CND) which can be deployed by Enterprises with their own data center cloud, and by Communications Service Providers (CSPs) to offer Security-as-a-Service to their business customers.

The explosive growth of wirelessly connected monitoring and control devices is ushering in an era of increased productivity and effectiveness, and creating gaps in conventional cybersecurity and compliance enforcement systems for many Enterprises. Wedge CND’s cybersecurity and Compliance Enforcement packages provide IoT optimized cybersecurity and compliance services with enforcement at the cloud layer to consistently apply policies to all network connected devices, both physical and virtual. Packages are available to address diverse needs of different vertical markets, such as healthcare which is subject to Health Information Privacy and Protection Act (HIPPA) compliance obligations to manufacturing which is far less regulated but increasingly dependent on the IoT.

“IoT, compliance, and Security-as-a-Service are all hot topics at Mobile World Congress and the networking industry at large”, said Alan Zeichick, Principal Analyst of Camden Associates. “Wedge’s new Security-as-a-Service offerings for cybersecurity and compliance will give service providers a variety of new services to support their enterprise customers. We expect that those new services will solve real-world enterprise security problems, as well as differentiate forward-thinking service providers.”

“IoT innovation continues to push new boundaries here at Mobile World Congress, 2016”, said Dr. Hongwen Zhang, chief technical officer and co-founder of Wedge Networks. “Establishing plans to address the unique security and compliance challenges for the IoT is becoming a critical concern for many businesses, and we believe Security-as-a-Service will prove to be an ideal approach for many industries.”

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