WheribleGPS announced the availability of the WheriTrack, a micro slim GPS tracker with accompanying tracking solutions. The WheriTrack is smaller than a business card, and measures only 3/8 of an inch in thickness. With this breakthrough design, the WheriTrack is the first and only cellular tracking device to fit easily into luggage tags, small purses, and other small spaces. Equally important, the WheriTrack is very portable, allowing it to be placed in different places easily, with continuous location tracking and many other powerful features.    

The WheriTrack device has multiple uses, from tracking objects such as luggage or automobiles, to tracking individuals for a variety of needs, such as children traveling home from school, as well as adults with health concerns who may need remote monitoring.

Additional research indicates a demand for WheriTrack from gamers and outdoor enthusiasts who want to create real time games and contests. With this launch, WheribleGPS is also providing a mobile mapping application, as well as a desktop solution to provide reports and device location history.

“The size and affordability of the WheriTrack solution really makes new tracking applications practical,” said WheribleGPS President Jeff Thacher. “With our design, we maintained a strong focus for our solution to be an easy buying decision for businesses and consumers alike. WheriTrack is the first GPS tracker that provides robust solutions to address real business and personal issues, while also providing unlimited opportunities for entertainment purposes in a growing digital gaming industry.”

WheribleGPS is focused on both consumer and commercial needs with the WheriTrack, which includes the device, proprietary solutions and development opportunities via the WheribleGPS API environment. The solution is available on the Sprint Network and the device is charged via a standard micro USB.

About Wherible GPS

Founded in 2011, privately held WheribleGPS is based in Roswell, GA. The Company designs mobile devices and end to end M2M systems. The Company’s mission is to become the leading provider of IoT devices and platforms. All Products are designed, certified, and assembled in the United States. The Company is a wholesaler of Sprint Wireless data services. For more information, visit http://www.wheriblegps.com.