White Cryption
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whiteCryption, an Intertrust company that provides advanced application security solutions, and Pen Test Partners, an elite group of high-end penetration testers, will demonstrate hacks to mobile apps, home security cameras and other IoT devices, and discuss how to defend against such hacks using whiteCryption products at whiteCryption Booth #232 during the Black Hat 2016 conference.toda

Pen Test Partners recently examined and hacked several Internet of Things (IoT) appliances and security systems, including a popular home security camera, Wi-Fi coffee machines, smart tea kettles, refrigerators, alarm systems, mobile devices and cars. The team will demonstrate, with developers from whiteCryption, how they accomplished several of these hacks and how to secure applications.

Throughout each day of the Black Hat event, Pen Test Partners team members Ken Munro and Michael Yardley will team with whiteCryption developers to demo the hacks first hand, and discuss in detail, the hacks and app security solutions.

Munro has hacked everything from hotel keycards, to keyless cars and a range of IoT devices, from wearable tech to children’s toys and smart home control systems, which has gained him fame in the press, and regular appearances on BBC TV and BBC News Online. Yardley has extensive skill and academic knowledge in computer security and digital forensics and significant experience in penetration testing, network security, web application security and cryptography.

Every mobile app and IoT developer who has secrets to hide knows that hackers will attack their apps’ software instructions. whiteCryption provides the worlds most advanced code obfuscation and white-box crypto technologies that protect apps with sensitive information and thwart attacks on apps. Today, whiteCryption protects major media players, smart car apps and healthcare apps. The applications are limitless, and as IoT devices proliferate, whiteCryption is rapidly becoming the standard of care against app hacking.

whiteCryption will also be showcasing its line of Cryptanium security products that protect apps, stop reverse engineering, and keep cryptographic keys and data private. The software-based solution provides robust obfuscation, software self-defense and tamper resistance capabilities. Unlike hardware-based anti-tamper technologies, whiteCryption’s software solution can be easily deployed and goes beyond the limitations and risks of conventional application security.

Visit whiteCryption booth #232 in the Black Hat Business Hall, Wednesday, August 3, and Thursday, August 4, for more information and demos. Demonstration times will be highlighted in the booth.

Visit www.whitecryption.com.