WhizNets Inc. announces WHZ4188 a true fully integrated 802.11 b/g/n SMD WiFi module; it integrates Baseband MAC Radio, RF Front End, Crystal, EEPROM, Voltage Regulator and has an Antenna connector; requires no external RF BOM; you just need two de-couplers and one resistor that vastly reduces the effort required to add wireless connectivity to embedded devices.

WiFi Module just needs the 3.3V power and a connection to the host CPU using SPI or SDIO interface. A small form factor 18 x 18 x 2.2mm and flexibility to use internal flex antenna or external omni-directional antenna in the design enables the customer to use these modules in range of product configurations and to quickly design a Wi-Fi equipped device that connects to the cloud.

WiFi Module supports both Client (Station) mode and Soft AP mode. The Software SDK, with advance security and roaming support along with pre-integrated LwIP TCP/IP stack, are available for multiple CPU platforms from all major Micro-controller manufacturers (TI, Freescale, Atmel, STM, Microchip, Samsung, NXP and many more).

Small memory footprint Software SDK comes with a smart and simple API set to make software integration quick and seamless, to get customer going with his IoT (Internet of Things) application in as low as in few hours. Module has support for RTOS, SuperLoop (No OS) and Linux infrastructure.

“Our family of WHZ4188 Wi-Fi module WHZ4188-SDIO, WHZ4188-SDIO-Linux and WHZ4188-SPI communicates with MCU over SDIO or SPI, eliminating the need for additional MCU and enables end users to develop smaller and lower cost Wi-Fi enabled devices,” said Atul Garg, CEO, WhizNets Inc. He further added, “Our low memory footprint SDK enables developers to quickly create network connected applications targeted for low-resource microcontrollers.”

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