cadence Tensilica Fusion-DSP

Cadence® Tensilica® Fusion F1 DSP is part of the latest Methods2Business (M2B) Wi-Fi HaLow™ MAC IP offering. The licensable IP targets SoCs designed for battery-powered sensor nodes used in smart home, smart city and industrial applications. M2B leveraged the Fusion F1 DSP both to implement the IEEE 802.11ah MAC firmware and to run value-added applications like voice trigger, audio identification and sensor fusion on a single DSP. Customers can benefit from a hardware-software solution achieving optimal balance of low-power consumption, performance and programmability.

A demonstration of the complete Wi-Fi HaLow MAC/PHY, including M2B’s IEEE 802.11ah MAC IP platform with the Fusion F1 DSP and Adapt-IP’s digital baseband, will be shown at the Cadence booth at Mobile World Congress 2017 in Barcelona.

“The new Wi-Fi HaLow standard promises to offer the ultra-low power consumption and security required to fuel the growth of the IoT market. By leveraging the Fusion F1 DSP along with our custom instruction set extensions, we were able to deliver on these promises in our Wi-Fi HaLow MAC IP products,” said Marleen Boonen, CEO of Methods2Business. “Our unique and scalable solution allows us to target the smaller battery-powered sensor nodes and the higher performance, compute-intensive access points — all using the same flexible DSP.”

The Fusion F1 DSP offers low-energy, high-performance control and signal processing ideally suited for the IoT/wearable markets. This highly configurable DSP is specifically designed to excel at DSP processing tasks like wake-on-voice, voice pre-processing, sensor fusion and narrowband connectivity, as well as traditional control-code tasks like communications stacks and RTOSs. All processing workloads are completed with ultra-low energy consumption in a very small footprint.

“Customers looking at serving the HaLow Wi-Fi market need a scalable platform to build ultra-low-power sensor nodes and higher performance access points”, said Larry Przywara, group director of marketing, audio/voice IP, Cadence. “The Fusion F1 DSP-based HaLow MAC IP solution not only provides scalability but additionally its flexibility offers differentiating features to customer IoT applications directly on the modem — saving power and expense.”

Cadence is a leading provider of intellectual property (IP) for system on chip (SoC) developers. Cadence design IP, verification IP, and Tensilica processor IP have been used to simplify the design and verification of thousands of SoCs across automotive, mobile, enterprise, internet of things (IoT), and consumer applications. Cadence IP plays a vital role in the company’s overarching system design enablement strategy, which is to provide a comprehensive set of tools, design content, and services for the development of innovative electronic systems.