Wi-NEXT, a leader in industrial edge networking and computing solutions known as Industrial Edgeware, joins the ThingWorx Ready IoT Partner Program. By becoming ThingWorx Ready, Wi-NEXT becomes compatible with the ThingWorx® Application Development Platform, resulting in a pre-integrated solution that can improve time to market and reduce overall solution costs for customers utilizing Wi-NEXT technology. This alliance enables the creation of reliable and secure wireless network infrastructures compatible with the industry-standard Wi-Fi and Low Power Wi-Fi protocols for IoT applications based on the ThingWorx Application Development Platform.

“Our digital universe will soon grow beyond our decimal system. Big Data is no longer just a buzzword. Due to this volume, velocity and structure of IoT data, organizations trying to harness data quickly, reliably and securely are facing enormous challenges. Our award winning Edge and End Nodes combine self-configuring, resilient communications with distributed edge processing and storage making us the ideal platform for Industrial applications and for ThingWorx,” said Nicola De Carne, CEO of Wi-NEXT.

“As more companies evolve into Internet Enterprises and infuse data-driven strategies into their infrastructure, they’ll seek out Industrial Edgeware network solutions that can turn the influx of data into real business value, while upholding the highest privacy standards. The need for reliable and secure wireless network infrastructures is a key element in delivering complete IoT solutions for our customers, and we are excited to welcome Wi-NEXT to our IoT partner ecosystem,” said Chris Kuntz, Vice President, Ecosystem Programs at ThingWorx.


Wi-NEXT is a pioneer in industrial Wi-Fi mesh technology and distributed computing. Since its founding in 2007, Wi-NEXT has helped industrial companies and telecommunications providers reduce the complexity and cost of their networks and increase their capabilities and resilience. Wi-NEXT sells their patented networking and Edgeware distributed fog-computing solutions globally through value-added solution partners. For more information, please visit our website athttp://www.wi-next.com or follow us on Twitter @winextcom


ThingWorx™ Partners provide a wide variety of products throughout the entire IoT value chain – from software systems and cloud platforms to smart sensors, devices, gateways and machines that make the connected world a reality. The ThingWorx Ready Partner Program allows hardware and software companies to pre-integrate their product with the ThingWorx rapid application development platform, greatly simplifying the creation and deployment of IoT solutions. These companies provide a wide variety of products throughout the entire connected world value chain – from software systems and cloud platforms to smart sensors, devices, gateways and machines. Becoming ThingWorx Ready reduces the cost and risk of Internet of Things deployments for end customers, helping accelerate the growth of the overall space.

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