Photo source: www.utility.com/

Utility Associates, announced that the United States Patent and Trademark Office has awarded patent 9,282,495 for a device that can automatically switch to the optimal 3G / 4G-LTE cellular data network and carrier as a vehicle travels between Geofence Zones.  This technology is embedded in the company’s new Rocket IoT™ Video Vehicle Wireless Router.  As a vehicle travels through a service area, the patented device with an appropriate multi-carrier modem card will be able to automatically switch between 3G, 4G-LTE, and FirstNet networks and carriers to provide the fastest and most reliable cellular connection in any given location.  As a vehicle proceeds along a route of travel, GPS location data is used to intelligently switch to the best network connection in an area, with no intervention required by the vehicle driver.  This new capability will ensure law enforcement, fire, EMS, utility, and public transit fleets are always connected to the best available network in any location.  Faster more reliable connectivity will increase safety, efficiency, effectiveness, and transparency.

Optimal connectivity for the Rocket IoT Video Vehicle Wireless Router means Utility’s BodyWorn™ police body camera solution will also have optimal wireless connectivity.  The BodyWorn camera’s Wi Fi connectivity means the Rocket IoT router will always be available to reliably capture and report location, operations, video and incident classification, storm damage assessment, and incident metadata for Mission Critical Intelligence field operations and interactions with the public on a real-time basis.  The BodyWorn camera will always have the best possible connectivity to live stream video to Central Dispatch for emergency operations.

“Our mission is to develop video and wireless communications technology that allows our first responder, utility, and public transit customer field work forces to work more safely, effectively and efficiently,” said Robert McKeeman, CEO of Utility.  “When a vehicle is in motion, it is traveling in and out of cellular coverage areas potentially causing a first responder or utility worker to be unable to reliably report status and communicate with Central Dispatch or Emergency Operations. Police officers, firefighters, EMS technicians, utility line crews, and public transit operators have a tough job already; they can’t be distracted by also having to be a quasi-networking expert to stay connected.  Their connectivity needs to just work so they can focus on working safely on their primary duties. Our new patented cellular switching technology will ensure the best possible connectivity for emergency responders, utility field crews, and public transit operators.”

With this new patented technology, Rocket IoT devices will automatically switch between 3G, 4G-LTE and FirstNet cellular communications networks and carriers by checking database tables of speed, reliability, and other metadata for all networks in where the vehicle is located, or is on track to enter. When a vehicle is about to enter a Geofence Zone where another carrier or network provides faster more reliable connectivity, the device will automatically switch to the better network when appropriate.  By doing so, those who depend on having fast and reliable connectivity for Mission Critical Intelligence will have the best connectivity available where ever they operate.

For more information about Utility’s portfolio of smart products that connect all aspects of the utility management and communication ecosystem, visit the company’s website: www.utility.com.