Wirepas, a leading mesh network solutions provider, has reached the limit of million smart devices in the Nordic countries to be equipped with Wirepas Pino, a unique fully scalable and autonomous software solution that enables devices to form a network by themselves and act independently in it, bringing remarkable lifetime savings for the service provider. The newest device additions, to be deployed by Wirepas’ technology partner Aidon, a leading provider of open-architecture based smart metering systems, will also form the world’s biggest single IoT mesh network solution including several hundreds of thousands of devices.

“We are excited to have reached the milestone of million devices powered by our Pino product in the small and demanding Nordic market that has the most sophisticated energy users in the world, with the highest utilization of mobile communications, electric cars and heat pumps. We are particularly proud of enabling the world’s biggest single IoT mesh network which is more than hundred times bigger than any existing IoT mesh network – and it could be even much bigger as with Pino there is no limit to how many devices can be in the same network. It is a great example of Internet of Things where smart devices connect to each other automatically without any configuration, infrastructure or third-party network. All you need is a device powered by Pino, nothing else,” says Teppo Hemia, CEO of Wirepas.

Wirepas Pino is a platform solution including a software protocol stack with a disruptive, unique architecture. When embedded in a device, the device starts to act as a network node and can directly connect to a limitless number of other devices. The devices autonomously form a network without any configuration or risk of messages colliding with each other. This mesh network eliminates the need to build or use infrastructure and enables the network itself to take on tasks that are much more challenging, if not impossible, to optimize centrally by a single coordinator required in a traditional network.

The automaticity makes the mesh network much more efficient, easy to deploy and uniquely scalable to any size from densely populated networks to large geographical areas.

“The fact that we can deliver superior deterministic performance with limitless scale in a single, easy-to-deploy network with full automaticity gives significant lifetime savings for service providers, from system cost to installation and maintenance. It’s a great solution for any industry where service provides look for easy deployment and maintenance, and seek to drive down total cost of ownership,” Hemia continues.

Already deployed in smart metering and environmental wireless sensors, Wirepas Pino is also fully suitable and on its way to many other applications such as home and building automation, clean tech, health care and lighting.

Learn more about Wirepas and its technology at Mobile World Congress, 2-5 March, Barcelona, Spain: Hall 5, booth 5C31

About Wirepas

Wirepas, established in 2010 as a spinoff from Technical University of Tampere, Finland, provides world-class, software-based, adaptive, all-market wireless low energy communication solutions to connect things to the Internet. Its Pino product, a unique fully scalable and autonomous software solution, already embedded in smart devices in many applications, drives the revolution of Internet of Things from smart metering and environmental wireless sensors to home and building automation, clean tech, health care and lighting. www.wirepas.com