WISeKey International Holding Ltd recently introduced its first All-Blockchain IoT platform between China and the U.S., at the Stifel 2018 Cross Sector Insight Conference, on June 13th in Boston.   This platform, which aims to deploy a trusted Blockchain as a Service (BaaS) platform, offers a secure and trusted way to connect U.S. based enterprises with their Chinese counterparts via a trusted ID based Blockchain, and facilitates the rapid adaptation of on-board Blockchain based solutions and services.

In 2016, WISeKey signed several strategic partnerships with global enterprises including SAP, MasterCard, Microsoft and CenturyLink and is currently working with experts in industry, government, and academia to address the most relevant Blockchain developments with practical, standards-based solutions using available Blockchain technologies.  Additionally, WISeKey is working with U.S. and China based companies to conduct research, rapid pilot prototyping, co-creation of use cases and IP creation on Blockchain technology and platforms.

Carlos Moreira, WISeKey’s CEO, noted, “Cyber-attacks are becoming more sophisticated and increasingly ubiquitous and dangerous, causing billion-dollar losses for governments, organizations and individuals around the world.   The urgent need to secure IoT globally, became more imminent following recent cyber-attacks such as Distributed Denial-of-Service (DDoS) which compromises multiple computer systems or Man-In-The-Middle (MITM) which secretly alters communication between parties.  While experts agree that IoT remains unsecure, these attacks should serve as a wake-up call to quickly improve security.  Thus far, a lot has been done to improve corporations’ ability to improve response once attacked, but there has been no real strategy to find a solution to prevent such attacks in the first place.  WISeKey’s technology provides just that. a much-needed solution to secure IoT and user identities and also minimize risks.”

WISeKey is cooperating with U.S. and China based companies, on building points of view, proof of concepts, policies, educational materials, addressing all the distributed ledger capabilities across different Blockchain schemes (public, consortium and private), with industry verticalization and domain specialization (IoT, transactions, messaging, etc.), underpinned by the best underlying technologies from startups, our key partners and from the community.

Digital certificates and associated cryptographic assets are used to identify and authenticate devices during their entire life. Only trusted devices can connect to secure networks. Digital certificates, for instance TLS certificates, can also be used to secure communication channels from devices to gateways/routers, and from gateways/routers to servers. These cryptographic assets are securely stored in WISeKey’s VaultIC range of tamper resistant secure elements.