Atlas-Wristband Whisekey

WISeKey International Holding Ltd announced its complete solution for manufacturers looking to securely implement credit card payments into wearable devices such as fitness bands, watches, or portable consumer devices.

Two years ago, WISeKey and MasterCard partnered to enable contactless payments on select luxury brand watches and wearables. Using its WISeWatch as a technology demonstrator, WISeKey developed a platform to embed its Europay-MasterCard-Visa (EMV) certified MICROPASS® banking chip in small consumer objects, and allow simple remote provisioning of the chip over a smartphone to make it a valid payment device.

As the result of this cooperation, WISeKey now offers a consistent end-to-end payment system from the Root-of-Trust to the security chip that turns any consumer gadget, accessory or wearable – from fitness bands to refrigerators – into a payment device.  According to MasterCard’s recent figures, 24 percent of Europeans expect to start using “tap and go” contactless payments with a smartwatch, bracelet, keyring or other forms of wearable payment.

WISeKey’s MICROPASS® 6323CL is a MasterCard and VISA certified NFC secure chip and firmware that has been used for many years by the major card makers and issuers. It offers the convenience and flexibility of contactless payment that is already proven with consumers worldwide. Through years of working to meet the needs of the banking industry, WISeKey has developed the right technologies and technical expertise to move secure chips from credit cards into virtual any object. Since 2010, WISeKey has supplied more than 1 billion secure chips for various payment and IoT security uses.  More recently, WISeKey has added the MasterCard Digital Enablement Service (MDES) to allow the remote personalization of the payment chips through a regular smartphone. This last brick permits the full and easy deployment of wearable payment from anywhere with any device.

“Imagine turning your car into a payment device to easily pay your gas without being obliged to find your wallet,” said Olivier Debelleix, Director of Brand Protection & Wearable Security Business Unit for WISeKey. “WISeKey’s 360° payment solution allows this, plus much more.  WISeKey’s recognized security offerings – from Root-of-Trust to certified chips – offers other highly secured functions such as digital authentication, e-signature or the management of crypto currencies.  Use of these proven secure chips opens the door to a trustable Internet of Things.”