wot.io™ announces an expansion to their rapidly growing partner portfolio with Circonus – a leading provider of Web-Scale IT monitoring and analytics.

Circonus brings a unified platform, combining extensive visualization with alerting, event processing and advanced analytics tools, to wot.io’s offering of data services for Enterprise IoT applications. Available as part of the wot.io data service exchange™, the Circonus platform allows wot.io customers to understand their IoT infrastructure and applications in ways they never could before. Circonus scales from a single connected device, to a worldwide organization with thousands of devices producing millions of metric streams. API-driven automation empowers developers and makes operational teams incredibly efficient, while analytics drive insights that improve organization-wide performance.

“wot.io is dedicated to helping their customers deliver IoT applications and services, faster and better than their competitors,” said Christian Madsen, CEO of Circonus. “Working together, Circonus and wot.io deliver innovative, pre-integrated solutions that are quickly deployed and just as quickly prove their value.”

“As a leader and innovator in processing large amounts of data from IT and DevOps organizations, Circonus has an extensive toolset for analyzing and acting on large data sets,” said Tom Gilley, Founder and CTO of wot.io. “Adding them to the wot.io IoT data service exchange represents the convergence of world class enterprise IT solutions with the IoT requirements in the enterprise. Circonus is a perfect fit for Enterprise scale IoT applications of all types.”

wot.io’s data service exchange for connected device platforms, dramatically accelerates the time-to-market for data-driven IoT applications and services with significantly less risk by providing a marketplace of technically and contractually pre-integrated data services from its partners. Through choice, time-to-market, and scalability, wot.io helps its customers drive ROI and increase revenue.

About Circonus

Circonus provides Big Data analytics and monitoring for Web-Scale IT. Developed specifically for the requirements of DevOps, the Circonus platform delivers alerts, graphs, dashboards, and machine-learning intelligence that help to optimize not just your operations, but also your business. Proprietary Big Data technology and IT Operations Analytics tools enable Circonus to provide forensic, predictive, and automated analytics capabilities that no other product can match, and at a scale that other products can only dream of.

About wot.io

Founded in 2014, wot.io is the data service exchange for connected device platforms. wot.io enables the enterprise customer to derive significant value from their data while dramatically accelerating time-to-market for Internet of Things (IoT) and Machine to Machine (M2M) implementations. wot.io’s data service exchange of best-in-class data services enables customers to focus on building their solution while freeing them from the time consuming effort of making contractual agreements and technically integrating each data service. Through choice, time-to-market and scalability we help our customers to drive ROI and increase revenue with their solution using analytics, business intelligence, data retention, device management, data management, monitoring, visualization, reporting, web API automation and other offerings.

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