WREA, Inc. a Nevada based Corporation, announced today the release of the EMSPRO(TM) platform for energy data monitoring, analysis and advanced diagnostics using PGE’s (Pacific Gas and Electric) “ShareMyData” platform, granting access to more than twenty million Californians. Basic access, through WREA, Inc. for viewing your energy data for up to a week’s duration is free for all. Longer durations will need paid licenses.

WREA, Inc. has partnered with green leader Papros, Inc., its technology consultant for data access and availability, to bring its own added expertise to the energy monitoring market. As other utilities adopt their practices to the new data standard, WREA will roll out support across the nation, and also the world.

Registration through WREA, Inc. is obtained at:

The steps thereafter for accessing and viewing your data are at this tutorial video location:

Scott Foster, CEO of WREA, Inc. and a veteran of the energy industry has this to say: “It is a monumental moment that millions of users will immediately be able to use the granular data being offered by PGE for the first time. PGE has done a great job and has acted as a leader in the adoption of the new standard for data access to users promoted and encouraged by the US Department of Energy.”

Additionally, WREA Time(TM), platform for real time, supports PGEs’ “StreamMyData” platform, and other utilities supporting the Zigbee standard for monitoring, analysis and management of energy, devices and facilities. Data is fed through existing clouds to WREA’s cloud where advanced diagnostics and real time plots can be generated for easy aggregation and understanding of data. Causes of fluctuations are assigned by IBALD (Inventory Based Appliance Level Disaggregation) to allow the customer to monitor and control their energy usage.

WREA, Inc, is engaged in combining the benefits of smart grid technology and next generation IoT (Internet of Things) for device, appliance and equipment management in the home, office and enterprise markets while optimizing bottom line economics and sustainability. WREA, Inc. is a company that is looking at all phases of the industry and executing those aspects into individual projects. A key component in any of today’s industry is the Total Cost Analysis associated with the company. WREA, Inc. through its agreement for deployment of time-tested enterprise tracking software, offers highly sophisticated and economical solutions to track companies’ costs, footprints and savings.