Increasingly, enterprises are adopting Internet of Things (IoT) and enterprise mobility management (EMM) solutions to provide revolutionary customer and employee experiences, improve operational efficiency, and introduce new business models. The 100% open source WSO2 IoT Server provides all the features needed to build an enterprise-grade IoT solution, so enterprises can focus on adding business value while speeding time to market. Today, WSO2 expands on this functionality to support equipment manufacturers that build connected products and IoT solutions developers that integrate these offerings. The new release of WSO2 IoT Server features:

  • A complete API-driven device type definition that eliminates the need to create deployable plugins.
  • The ability to provide geofencing and associated real-time alerts, as well as build on the functionality for custom solutions, for both IoT and EMM scenarios.
  • Improved product profiles for scalable deployment.
  • Participation in the WSO2 Update service for ongoing maintenance and product improvements.

“Devices provide rich new sources of highly relevant data, as well as new ways to interact with the real world and with real people. Increasingly, enterprises are harnessing the power of these devices with IoT initiatives that extend the scope of possibilities for digital transformation into the physical environment,” said Jonathan Marsh, WSO2 vice president of IoT. “The newest release of WSO2 IoT Server, which introduces capabilities for geofencing and defining device types via APIs, makes it easier than ever to deliver location-aware digital solutions using a range of IoT devices and sensors.”

Built by drawing upon the real-world requirements of IoT and EMM WSO2 customers, WSO2 IoT Server provides extensive adaptability in enabling enterprises to manage, secure, communicate with, and perform analytics on IoT devices and edge gateways throughout their lifecycles—on-premises and in the cloud. Using WSO2 IoT Server, enterprises can deploy a flexible and scalable system for managing the devices in IoT-enabled solutions that are transforming industries—from connected products to industrial internet and smart cities, logistics and tracking, smart homes, connected healthcare, and more.

Availability and Support

WSO2 IoT Server 3.1 is available today. It is delivered as a software download that can run directly on servers or on top of a private platform as a service (PaaS). The public hosted version of WSO2 IoT Server, WSO2 Device Cloud, is available at Additionally, customers can choose to have WSO2 host the software through WSO2 Managed Cloud hosted services.

As a fully open source solution released under the Apache License 2.0, WSO2 IoT Server does not carry any licensing fees. It is backed by a commercial subscription from WSO2, which includes enterprise-grade support and a license to the WSO2 Update service, QuickStart programs designed to jumpstart an evaluation or proof of concept (POC), and other consulting services.