The “2018 IoT and Embedded AI Chip Platform and Eco Strategy Conference” will be held on December 8, 2017 at Intercontinental Hotel Beijing Beichen as one of the sub-forums at the “2017 IoT Developers Conference”. As the leading provider of IoT chipset platforms, Wuxi DSP Technologies will release its latest IoT embedded AI chip at the forum, which is also the first single-chip platform solution that integrates wide area IoT connectivity with edge computing and embedded artificial intelligence.

Wuxi DSP Technologies will take the theme of enabling IoT with insignia AI at the forum and release the latest of three major chip platforms: 1) low-power software-defined radio, 2) intelligent IoT terminals and 3) embedded AI for smart IoT. All platforms support development tools, ecological construction and application services, etc.

Multiple customers have committed to use Wuxi DSP IoT and embedded AI chips in industries such as logistics, telecommunications, electric power, robotics and smart homes. These cover edge computing, gesture recognition, voice recognition, millimeter wave radar, multimode communications, smart speakers, smart locks and other applications. During the forum, a number of partner companies will provide a detailed technical presentation and a system demonstration.

Xinsheng Fu, sales director of Wuxi DSP Technologies stated, “At present, the global market demand for converged IoT and embedded AI applications is growing explosively with China having the largest market in the world and significant demand for IoT and AI applications. Aiming at the huge market demand, Wuxi DSP Technologies is introducing a variety of software-defined IoT and embedded AI chips, taking full technical advantage of our independent innovation in multithreaded heterogeneous computing. This fills some gaps in the field in China and with a series of industry solutions starting to enter the market, we look forward to cooperating with more companies in the future. By protecting software, algorithms and the system intellectual property of our partners, we provide an excellent win-win cooperative development circle to jointly promote market development creating an innovation platform for China’s smart IoT toward the world.”