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LogMeIn’s Xively IoT division released the next-generation of the Xively Connected Product Management (CPM) Platform. Building on its proven track record of helping companies successfully navigate the IoT, the new version of Xively provides a complete application suite that addresses the core needs of running an IoT business. This release adds new connected product analytics and insight tools, universal device and user management, and richer integration capabilities including out-of-the-box Salesforce integration. Purpose-built to address key challenges in building and launching a connected product business, the new Xively helps companies accelerate their IoT initiatives — effectively eliminating the need for costly and risky do-it-yourself IoT projects.

“At the outset of our IoT journey, we were determined to build our solution from the ground-up, but as time went on we realized we should leverage the expertise of others and use our limited time to focus on delivering the most value to our customers,” said Kyle Seaman, Director of Farm Technology at Freight Farms. “Xively offered a proven platform, IoT expertise, and the ability to deliver quickly. In just 60 days, we went from concept to field-ready product.”

Xively is the fastest and most scalable IoT platform on the market today1.  With security built for the IoT, Xively helps product companies connect and manage their products at scale.  The latest version of Xively contains a number of enhancements aimed at providing customers a much quicker time to market and actionable insights for superior product and customer support including:

  • Connected Product Application Suite – A unified system of record that provides a real-time view of connected products in market including product details, trend data, product health, connectivity status, device location, firmware versions, and events associated with the product.  Easy to follow dashboards empower a company’s product management, development and service teams with all the data they need to run a connected business.
  • Universal User & Device Management– Manage users and devices associated with connected products, regardless of the underlying IoT connectivity platform, whether it be home grown solutions, Microsoft Azure or Amazon Web Services (AWS).
  • One-Click Salesforce App & Heroku Add-on – Out-of-the-box integration with Salesforce allows a real-time view into the health, status and other key product details of a customer’s actual product from Xively into a customer record screen in Salesforce. Additionally, connected products can be set to trigger automatic Salesforce tickets in case of malfunction or to ship replenishables.  Xively product data can also be delivered with one-click into Heroku to allow for rapid app development and new user engagement.
  • Xively Product Simulator – Helps companies to quickly and easily model and test connected product features, create rules to determine data flow, integration with third party systems and customer interaction to more easily validate business models, use cases and the ability to build business processes around a connected product.

“There is a complex and unique set of challenges associated with launching and supporting an IoT connected product – many of which fall outside the core competency of a traditional product company.  While many set their sights on a DIY strategy, they are finding that the cost and man hours associated with building, launching and running a connected product business can be overwhelming at best, and a failure at worst,” said Paddy Srinivasan, General Manager, Xively by LogMeIn.  “The new release of Xively is designed to help put an end to the need for internal development by providing companies with everything an organization needs to get products to market faster, make the product data actionable across the company and future-proof the IoT investment in a single platform.”

“The IoT platform marketplace is noisy and extremely muddled, leaving companies uncertain on where to turn for help,” said Eugene Signorini, Senior Analyst, ESG.   “Organizations would much rather identify the innovation opportunities and business value that IoT solutions can bring, rather than sorting out complex technology. Ultimately, companies will turn to vendor partners who make it easy for them to focus on product innovation by leveraging out-of-the box capabilities like those offered by Xively.”

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