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Xively by LogMeIn and Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG), a leading IT analyst, research, validation, and strategy firm released the results of an IoT scalability benchmark finding that the Xively Connected Product Management Platform can support over 86 billion messages per day – which, by comparison, is enough capacity to make every home in the US a connected home.

The report, Connected Product Management with Xively, provided a comprehensive hands-on test and evaluation of the Xively platform designed to demonstrate performance, scalability and ability to simplify the building and running of a connected business.  Among the findings, ESG was able to validate that the Xively platform is able to sustain over 2 Million concurrently connected devices communicating an aggregate of 1,000,0000 messages per second sent and delivered with an average latency of under 25 milliseconds providing the ability for Xively-based systems to operate in real time, controlling physical products with virtually no lag.

“Through this test we are able to validate that Xively is what it is claiming to be – a comprehensive IoT Platform for connected product management that can accelerate connected product system development and product time to market without losing performance and scalability,” said Jack Poller, Senior Lab Analyst at ESG.  “Xively takes the time and pain out of product development by enabling companies to rapidly deliver a prototype and turn it into a deployed solution.”

The benchmark test revealed a number of other validations including:

  • Performance: The Xively platform-as-a-service infrastructure demonstrated greater than “three-nines” uptime—99.9% availability—ensuring connected products are virtually always available.
  • Accelerating Product Development: The Xively development environment provides rapid prototyping features, enabling developers to model their connected products and develop applications without physical devices — accelerating time to market.
  • Accelerating Time to Market: Using Xively, developers can focus on creating the best product fit without investing significant time, effort, or money into engineering.
  • Increasing Business Value: Xively’s integration with Salesforce and other third-party applications enables developers to increase value by gathering data into existing or new business systems to induce actions.

“Product companies today are facing enormous hurdles when it comes to getting an IoT product to market and even more hurdles scaling as their connected business grows,” said Paddy Srinivasan, General Manager, Xively by LogMeIn.  “The core tenant of Xively is that it is designed to set a company up for success in the IoT by providing scalable, secure and low latency connectivity and a powerful data management platform for as many IoT products as required.  ESG put Xively to the test and found that this was more than just a principle – but a genuine reality.”

“We have tested Xively against other leading IoT platforms and have found that it is more scalable and reliable than the others,” said Fred Rivard, PhD, CEO and founder of MicroEJ. “The results of the ESG benchmark match exactly what we have been seeing with several MicroEJ projects involving lots of edge devices — the scalability and performance of Xively makes it the right platform for nearly any IoT project, large or small.”

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