IoT and Cloud Strategy, SOA Consulting, SOA Training

XWebServices is our Cloud Strategy, SOA Consulting and SOA Training practice. Our experienced Cloud Computing and Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) consultants will help your enterprise architect and implement a Cloud / SOA solution with distinct benefits:

  • Our solutions are driven by your business requirements, not the other way around. We approach the problem from a business-first perspective, which we have proven over and over to be the only way for a solution to meet specific business needs.
  • XWebServices provides vendor agnostic solutions. Keeping your organization from becoming locked in to a particular vendor solution, combined with the inherent reusability of SOA will provide greater business agility.
  • Our focus is on creating reusable services throughout your enterprise. This focus leads to one of the most recognized and valuable benefits of a services-based architecture: increasing a company’s return on investment (ROI) in software development.
  • A well-defined approach to contemporary SOA can lessen the burden on your IT infrastructure and reduce the number of required technical resources, which saves cost over time. SOA promotes the reuse of services over the traditional development of single purpose applications, so existing services can be composed to support new or changing business processes. The plug-and play nature of SOA applications means deployment is fast and easy.

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing experts to help develop your cloud strategy and guide your business and operational planning, technology migration and transition processes. read more…

SOA Consulting

SOA Architects to assist your staff in developing SOA principles and best practices. read more…

ESB Consulting / Implementations

ESB Consultants to assist your enterprise in integrating Business Processes by successfully implementing an Enterprise Service Bus. read more…

SOA Governance Strategy

SOA Governance Consultants to help define strategy, create more flexible SOA environments, mitigate risks, ensure consistency across services and business processes and increase opportunities for reuse. read more…

SOA Training

2 day course focusing on adopting and implementing a services based architecture for enterprises worldwide. read more…

Top-Tier SOA Architects

  • Strong ability to see the ‘big picture’ and able to implement strategies that align tasks/people/requirements for success in meeting the department goals
  • Effectively manage day to day activities across multiple projects
  • Maintain a manner of leadership and flexibility that diffuses pressure and promotes a positive team atmosphere
  • Provide training and mentoring to team members
  • Provide the strategy for the creation of processes and procedures with input from business teams, development, and IT Support
  • Maintain expertise in Architecture process and best practices
  • Maintain expertise in the application and use of systems, tools, and processes within the company’s scope
  • Maintain expertise in the business processes that drive the applications within the company’s scope
  • Maintain a working knowledge of system integration and are able to understand changes in order to anticipate cross-system or cross-process impacts
  • Develop and maintain positive working relationships with Clients and other departments by representing the department as a respected ambassador
  • Ensure the appropriate documentation and adherence to departmental processes and procedures
  • Ensure the appropriate adherence to inter-departmental processes and procedures within the testing team
  • Ensure the representation of the department at appropriate intra-departmental meetings.
  • Encourage an open, learning, and progressive environment to allow the team’s exploration of new solutions
  • Effectively communicate the feasibility of requested deliverables and timelines to internal Business and Project Stakeholders
  • Ability to socialize and generate consensus for new ideas and to overcome resistance
  • Provide guidance on data security implications
  • Responsible to ensure that industry best practices are applied to software development, infrastructure implementation and security

SOA Hub was a portal dedicated to the advancement of Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), running in production between 2005-2010.

It featured:

  • enterprise architecture (EA) guides
  • white papers
  • tutorials
  • case studies
  • training and consulting services
  • a directory of SOA services and service providers
  • a directory of SOA solutions and solution providers
  • SOA news
  • online forum
  • SOA jobs

The portal played a crucial role in defining what SOA was supposed to be, at a time when a Google search for the term still returned Society of Actuaries as the first page of results. Our directory was the most comprehensive list of SOA Solutions and SOA Services Providers on the internet.

The portal still maintains a Facebook page for archival purposes: Facebook Page