Client Engagement

Having successfully architected and implemented cloud computing solutions, XWebServices Inc. is your trusted partner for defining the one of a kind cloud strategy for your one of a kind company. We won’t deny it – deploying cloud effectively can be a challenge. SOX and HIPAA compliance, security, integrating your CRM / ERP systems – SAP and PeopleSoft are one thing, cloud-based NetSuite is a whole different ball-game – are just some of the obstacles that will complicate the process. And let’s not forget about your budget…


Everything starts off with a thorough analysis of your current environment. We catalog your application portfolio, analyze the existing infrastructure, and interview both business and IT stakeholders regarding their perceived growth plans.

Next, we dive deeply into your Application and Solution Engineering. How are your applications constructed? Component based? How many tiers do your n-tier applications have (if, any)? Was a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) ever implemented? What are the integration end-points? How is data integration achieved? The answers to these questions will determine security requirements, help overcome compliance hurdles and define the cloud strategy along with the cloud operational model.

With our findings, we start exploring the type of cloud implementation for your business. Private, hybrid, public – unfortunately, there is no one-size-fits-all out of the box cloud solution. As noted in this Q&A that Mr. Cristian Sturek, the Principal Architect of XWebServices Inc. conducted early in 2009, companies in the Financial Services and Healthcare verticals will always be leery about adopting a cloud platform outside their own data center.

Having engaged the business stakeholders from the very beginning, we will craft the right cloud strategy for your unique business.

We pride ourselves in the final step of our engagement – implementing the strategy that we just defined for you. Walk the Walk! We will assist you every step of the way in setup and application migration.