Miami Cloud Computing

Need a trusted advisor in the South Florida area to help develop your cloud strategy and guide your business and operational planning, technology migration and transition processes?

Any Miami, Fort Lauderdale or Palm Beach enterprise considering a move to the cloud must understand that the benefits – lower costs, robust scalability and autonomy from constrained IT and development resources – can be short-lived without a plan that places cloud computing in the context of its overall business strategy and affects security, performance, and connectivity.

Most importantly, the transition to the Cloud brings change and unplanned change can lead to inefficiency in your business. Whether Cloud Computing is your expected solution to achieve operational cost savings or increase revenue, the likelihood of realizing your goal will depend on your ability to manage the changes that the Cloud will have on your people, your processes and your systems. But with so little guidance available that specifically addresses the business and operations issues, enterprises such as yours need a solid strategy in order to successfully migrate to the Cloud or successfully deliver Cloud services.

Companies need to be able to integrate cloud computing into existing IT systems and applications. Very few organizations are ready or willing to start from scratch and most will not move all of their business processes fully to the cloud at once. For many businesses additional factors complicate the cloud migration process: highly complex applications, large environments, hybrid infrastructures, platforms from different vendors, SOX/HIPAA compliance pressure. This makes it essential to plan for the integration challenges ahead.

Certain business processes and applications will never move off-premise. Whether you connect on-premise to on-premise, on-premise to cloud or cloud-to-cloud, you are adding more complexity to your integration efforts. Has the additional complexity been accounted for? Does your strategy assign roles and responsibilities to ensure success?

Cloud Services

  • Create the overall cloud application services roadmap which will align to your company’s future digital strategy roadmap
  • Articulate and present the architectural vision / technical concepts, provide cost and design options to various levels within your organization. Educate and drive alignment of new ideas and services
  • Communicate Cloud strategy services and updates to C-Level executive on a consistent and proactive basis
  • Provide required support and strategy to your Business Development team to enable partnering propositions within the Cloud Community and other key growth initiatives
  • Maintain a close loop with the leadership team to Identify and support new product & service opportunities based on direct and indirect prospect feedback as well as industry trends
  • Determine optimum service levels based on business requirements and architecture capability
  • Estimate overall costs/budgeting impacts of architectural decisions/strategy
  • Develop and present best practices, technical concepts and technologies for innovative cloud application solutions
  • Liaise back into services management, solution delivery and marketing team(s) to provide trend insights and opportunity vision
  • Collaborate and provide guidance to your team of architects and to various delivery teams within your company to ensure everyone is kept current on technology developments, trends and practices and new business initiatives
  • Participate in key deals, strategy, execution, and building customer and external partner relationships, if required

Let XWebServices Inc define your Cloud Strategy and Roadmap. Our Cloud Strategy Consultants are here to assist your team:

  • Establish Goals
  • Set Priorities
  • Budget
  • Set Deadlines
  • Identify Resources available for Implementation
  • Identify Resources available for Maintenance