Service Oriented Architecture Training

Tired of all the Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) theory from the so-called visionaries? The time has come for theory to become a reality; for companies to stop deliberating and start implementing. Designed for all audiences, our 2 day training course presented by Cristian Sturek will provide insights and knowledge in adopting and especially implementing a services based architecture.


  • Adopt effective methodologies and strategies to ensure seamless implementation
  • Deal with the challenges and overcoming problems faced in SOA deployment
  • Gain competitive advantage by recognizing current practices in the industry
  • Maximize your legacy system to avoid revenue exploitation
  • Discover strategies to use components and tools effectively
  • Understand new related technologies and available solutions in the market
  • Reap the importance of SOA Governance to ensure business sustainability
  • Understand how governance issues affect organizations


  • $3,500
  • unlimited number of attendees
  • anywhere in the world


Service Orienting the Enterprise

  • SOA Benefits: agility, process, interoperability and cost
  • SOA Methodology: from strategy to operating the SOA environment
  • Top Down Approach: process, results, challenge factors
  • Bottom Up Approach: process, results, challenge factors
  • Role of the SOA Architect


  • Business Process Decomposition
  • Service Granularity: Fine vs Coarse Grained services
  • Loosely Coupled Services: implementation, service contract, service policy, process and data schema
  • Things to Consider
  • Designing Services Exercise: how to end up with the best building blocks for your SOA

Web Services

  • Advantages: how to successfully reap the benefits
  • Disadvantages: what to look out for
  • XML, XSD, SOAP, WSDL: how it all relates
  • Contract First: the benefits of a top down approach to development
  • Building Composite Applications

Leveraging the Legacy

  • Benefits: why SOA provides the ideal alternative to continue using Legacy environments
  • Limitations: what to look out for
  • Case Studies

Implementing a SOA

  • Walk-through a real-world example of a SOA migration in the Financial Services sector
  • Case Study: Pilot Project leveraging a mainframe

Governance, Security and Testing

  • SOA Governance: what it covers, what it addresses
  • SOA Security: why is it different, where to address it, choosing the right approach
  • Web Services, SOAP & REST Security

SOA Governance Solutions

  • Metadata Management via Registry/Repository
  • Vendors: who they are, why are they different
  • Features: what to look for, which features are important
  • Benefits: performance, SLAs, fraud detection, tracking, etc.
  • SOA Governance Solution DEMO

ESB Solutions

  • Purpose: standards based SOA backbone
  • Vendors: who they are, why are they different
  • Benefits: integrating Business Processes from multiple sites, simplifies integration of applications and data
  • Orchestrations: allowing you to change the way your business functions on the fly
  • ESB & MS BizTalk Server DEMO