What Are Cloud Computing Benefits

There are many benefits to cloud computing, and we’re not talking about your typical office applications running on a website or having your local files duplicated to an online storage account. Those are indeed great “consumer” cloud solutions, but what are the benefits of cloud computing to enterprises such as yours?

  • Reduced Total Cost of Ownership

    Enterprises don’t need to purchase expensive hardware – servers, switches, firewalls, racks and their power consumption – and packaged solutions to run on the hardware, then maintain everything in-house. Without the on-site systems and software, the IT department no longer needs to focus on the upkeep of its in-house infrastructure, as the service provider will handle maintenance issues, upgrades, patches and everything associated with the cloud offering.

  • Minimal IT Support Staff

    With a hosted cloud computing model, the service provider handles any issues that may arise, eliminating the need for maintaining a costly IT staff to support the infrastructure. Organizations can easily manage their account, often through a simple online control panel.

  • Business Continuity

    Cloud computing keeps businesses running even if a disaster occurs, without loss of data or service. As the company data and software doesn’t need to be maintained on premise, employees can work and provide services wherever there’s an Internet connection.

  • Scalability

    Cloud computing allows your business to easily upscale or downscale your IT requirements when required. Cloud service providers allow enterprises to increase their existing resources in order to accommodate increased business need, additional demand for web pages, data storage, transactional queues, etc. When the demand is no longer there, resource subscriptions can be reduced instantly.

  • Focus on your Business

    It’s all about the business! A business no longer needs to worry about excessive costs, ongoing maintenance, upgrades, associated staff and complex management. By freeing up these and other resources, organizations can better focus on their core business.

Any enterprise considering a move to the cloud must understand that the benefits – lower costs, robust scalability and autonomy from constrained IT and development resources – can be short-lived without a plan that places cloud computing in the context of its overall business strategy and affects security, performance, and connectivity.

Let XWebServices Inc define your Cloud Strategy and Roadmap. Our Cloud Strategy Consultants are here to assist your team:

  • Establish Goals
  • Set Priorities
  • Budget
  • Set Deadlines
  • Identify Resources available for Implementation
  • Identify Resources available for Maintenance