YOPI, innovative wearable digital fitness companion, announce recently that its equity crowdfunding campaign has already successfully raised over $160,000 in the first campaign week, more than 15% of the campaign $1.07 million target. YOPI already has a patented, working prototype and the funds will be used to finalize development and start production.

YOPI, is here to change the way we train & monitor our health. YOPI measures trainer’s Oxygen consumption (VO2) during training, without a mask, and offers a man-machine learning algorithm that can teach the sportsman/athlete/trainee how to utilize physiological resources to maximum efficiency, without compromising one’s health.

YOPI Co-Founders and CEO, Hemi Reem, a former Triathlete says: “YOPI is about to change everything we know about Health and Fitness. YOPI feedbacks the trainer in real time about changes in physiology while training, protecting health enabling the trainer reach its maximum potential. This is a booming market with wearables shipments expected to reach $245 million in 2019 worth $25 Billion; Let alone YOPI implementations in healthcare, nutrition and other markets”.

According to David Blu, professional basketball player and Euro League champ: “When it comes to training, you need to know your limitations. If my coach was able to monitor my oxygen in real time he’d know precisely when to take me out of the game based on the unique science of my body”.

Dr. Jonathan Katz, M.D., Cardiologist comment: “Measuring VO2 is classically done in large medical centers and requires the subject to exercise covered in medical equipment, wearing a mask.  As a clinical cardiologist, I appreciate the importance of noninvasive and accurate methods to detect disease and guide therapy.  Measuring VO2 with an inconspicuous, stylish and wearable biosensor could prove invaluable”.

YOPI affirms that man can optimize Running Economy to break marathon 2-hour barrier; it is here to enable anyone the same health-monitoring and training regimen as the world’s leading sportsmen!

As the offer is time-limited and special conditions are provided for the first $200K investors – one needs to act fast and invest today – the entry level is as low as $200!