San Francisco, California — The recent advancements to the Internet Revolution: intelligent devices, intelligent networks and intelligent decisions are driving the need to re-think the traditional EDW. Commonly referred to as the Internet of Things, this new reality is driving concepts like the Unified Data Hub and Business Data Lake. Many CTO’s are feeling the pressure to invest in the approach but struggle with upfront investment and simply don’t have the time for a multi-year implementation.

zData provides the necessary services to get started, targeted at utilizing open source technologies in the cloud to help ease the migration into enterprise class solutions like PivotalHD and Cloudera. These easily consumable service offerings provide a clear path to utilize Hadoop driven methods designed to address enterprise concepts like the Business Data Lake and Enterprise Data Hub. In many ways these services are not unlike the operational data store seen between transactional systems and the data warehouse. In the new world any file can be “dumped” in the lake with no attention to data integration or transformation and at the same time retaining the artifacts of its origin for reporting and analytics. zData’s focus on the Data Lake architecture introduces innovative ways for companies like GE and Intel to quickly store and derive value from data being generated by their device eco-system.

zData’s engineering and analytics practice will leverage Alpine’s products as part of their Business Data Lake solutions. zData offers the ZD50 as an entry point with the ZD100 and ZD1000 for the medium to large enterprise. These solutions combined with our Data Lake quickstart service packages provide your company the ideal entry point for Big Data Analytics.