Zebra IoT

 Zebra Technologies Corporation, a global leader in providing solutions and services that give enterprises real-time visibility into their operations, hasannounced that it is collaborating with Bosch Connected Devices and Solutions and ARM to offer next-generation food safety IoT solutions.

With the growing need for compliant Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) solutions, food and beverage manufacturers, produce growers and retailers require digital systems to manage their food safety and compliance needs. The new design extends the capabilities of Zebra’s recently announced smart refrigeration Internet of Things (IoT) solution reference design to mobile supply chain scenarios – providing a simpler architecture, real-time intelligence and electronic records of integrity to meet food safety guidelines.


  • The easy-to-deploy, cloud-based temperature monitoring solution uses wireless sensors, mobile computers and the Zatar Internet of Things (IoT) cloud service.
  • The new IoT solutions utilizes Bosch Connected Devices and Solutions’ Cross Domain Development Kit (XDK) and its newly announced Transport Data Logger (TDL), which can monitor various product conditions like temperature, humidity, shock and tilt.
  • The XDK now supports the ARM mbed client. Both the XDK and TDL directly connect to Zebra’s mbed-enabled Zatar IoT cloud service without the need for additional fixed gateway devices.
  • A user-friendly dashboard, real-time alerts and notifications for proactive actions provide companies with a simple, accurate way of monitoring their products.
  • The solution works together with Zebra mobile computers and printers, allowing users to remain mobile and connected to information that will help improve productivity and workflows.
  • The standards-based IoT solutions provides investment protection while demonstrating the scalability and interoperability required by enterprise-class IoT solutions that work across the supply chain.


Steffen Zacharias, General Manager, Bosch Connected Devices and Solutions North America
“We are excited to bring our work with Zebra to the next level. Bosch sensor products and an open standard like ARM mbed will help unlock the benefits of IoT for supply chains. Zebra’s answer to food safety solutions provides a future-proof way to protect consumers and will give enterprises powerful tools they need to manage their food supply chains.”

Michael Horne, Vice President, Marketing and Sales, IoT business, ARM
“The collaboration between Zebra, Bosch and ARM has enabled a scalable, secure and standards-based IoT solution for the food safety market, where compliance is essential. The solution enables integration from devices directly to the cloud, helping enterprise customers achieve cost and efficiency savings as well as providing a more expandable model for developers to build compelling applications on.”

Tom Ryan, Vice President, Enterprise Intelligence Software, Zebra Technologies
“Visibility across the food supply chain provides protection for consumers while meeting regulatory demands.  By developing this standards-based solution on Zatar with Bosch and ARM, we are helping businesses build and enable FSMA-compliant food safety solutions.”

Please visit www.zebra.com for more information.