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Zebra Technologies Corporationm, a global leader in solutions and services that provide real-time visibility into organizations’ assets, people and transactions, announced that it has teamed up with SAP to offer connectivity between Zebra’s Zatar Internet of Things (IoT) Cloud Service and SAP HANA Cloud Platform. The connectivity between the two cloud-based solutions was built by ThingTheNet GmbH, a partner of both companies in Germany, and the resulting connector is now available at

The connector enables enterprise customers to integrate sensor data from IoT devices with the unique SAP® in-memory database and business applications to better manage physical assets linked to the IoT and obtain real-time operational intelligence. As a result, companies—particularly those in the healthcare, manufacturing, retail and transportation & logistics (T&L) industries—can accelerate the development of IoT products and applications.


  • Connectivity between the two solutions will allow companies to pair up heterogeneous devices and applications throughout the enterprise, facilitating device-to-cloud communication and business process automation.
  • The connectivity will also support enterprise customers in connecting physical assets and inventory with an intelligent digital dashboard so employees can remotely monitor and control the movement of assets according to strategic, real-time business decisions.
  • The offering gives developers a ready-to-use solution and set of integrated tools to create open-standard IoT applications to drive SAP line-of-business applications.
  • Zatar is the first standard-based and ARM mbed-enabled IoT Cloud Service that helps accelerate the adoption of IoT products.
  • Zebra and SAP channel partners can work together now on the IoT Solution Architecture for end-user customers leveraging Zatar and SAP HANA Cloud Platform.

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