Zentri IoT
Photo source: www.facebook.com/zentricorp

Zentri, a leading enterprise grade device management solution for IoT products, announced that it has been recognized as a “Cool Vendor” in the May 2016 “Cool Vendors in IoT ‘Thingification’, 2016 report by Gartner, Inc., a distinguished global IT research firm.

Zentri is a complete, end-to-end IoT solution with the ability to add secure wireless connectivity to any product through ZentriOS, a purpose-built operating system for IoT. The solution is paired with Zentri Device Management Service, a cloud based service that is available as a public or private cloud service, to manage the entire fleet of products in the market with capabilities that include authentication and authorization of IoT devices, reliable over the air updates, and refined geolocation services. Completing the platform is the Mobile App SDK that enables a simple ‘1 click’ setup for monitoring and controlling connected devices. This combination helps customers launch a fully managed, secure connected product fleet in under four months.

The report recommends readers, “Use Wi-Fi cloud-to-device solutions to reduce deployment and management costs,” among other recommendations. It goes on to say, “Gartner believes that IoT projects should return their investment in the first year of full operation.”

“We are helping product manufacturers successfully build and launch fully managed, enterprise grade connected products to market without risking a large upfront investment,” said Sanjay Kalyanasundaram, VP of Product at Zentri. “We are excited to be recognized as a Cool Vendor by Gartner and we will continue helping our customers focus on what is key to their business – increasing product premium, generating service revenue from a product business, and reducing support costs.”

The Gartner “Cool Vendors in IoT ‘Thingification’, 2016” report is valuable for any product manufacturer interested in adding connected products to their portfolio and looking for advice and education on possible products to assist with that process. Access to the report can be found from Gartner.