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Zentri, a leading secure platform for IoT products, introduced Spectre, the first ever cloud connected Wi-Fi module in the sub-five dollar (< $5 USD) price category complete with full device manageability. Spectre removes the painful trade-off between functionality, price and product real estate allowing product manufacturers to deliver the best connected product at the lowest price point.

Spectre is the first Wi-Fi module in this price range and size of only 12 x 11 x 1.8mm to be powered by ZentriOS, an industry leading secure IoT operating system that already powers a wide range of products from Zentri, Avnet, NXP, Broadcom/Cypress, ST, and more. Spectre is pre-certified, speeding up product design and ensuring successful deployments. Using ZentriOS, Spectre customers design connected products in weeks with the unique ability to use the same ZentriOS foundation across all product lines, regardless of hardware, and securely manage those products with cloud services.

“Spectre furthers Zentri’s bold corporate strategy to drive hardware costs towards zero,” stated Nick Dutton, Zentri’s VP for Embedded Products. “With Spectre, product design is no longer dictated by hardware costs or size constraints, removing development hurdles and allowing managed IoT products to get to market faster than ever before.”

Key Product Features

  • 802.11 b/g/n 1×1 Wi-Fi transceiver module
  • General purpose I/O
  • 10-bit analogue to digital converter
  • PWM outputs
  • 2MB serial flash file system
  • Security support for SSL/TLS 1.2/HTTPS
  • Supports industrial temperature ranges of -40C to +85C
  • Support for MQTT and AMQP
  • Web server with softAP mode that allows a browser to access the product directly

Spectre is ideal for simple end devices used in any industrial, commercial, or consumer use case such as environmental or energy monitoring and appliance control. Data-in-motion is secure with over-the-air wireless updates that allow individual firmware bundles to be delivered to any individual, or group of deployed products. All data can be remotely accessed with Zentri Cloud Services to manage, update, and analyze every deployed IoT device in the product portfolio from within Zentri or as a connector to other leading cloud providers.

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