ZentriOS SDK

Zentri launches the ZentriOS Software Development Kit (ZentriOS SDK) to dramatically accelerate embedded app development for products requiring secure cloud and mobile connectivity. The ZentriOS SDK is a breakthrough addition to the Zentri Secure Connected Product Platform that is already powering hundreds of thousands of products for over 600 customers.

“WattWatchers is building a revolutionary connected experience for the Energy Information Age through ubiquitous IT-Based energy management,” said Jon Keeble, Chief Technology Officer, WattWatchers “Zentri was the first and the only platform that was both feature rich for product app development and at the same time offered tremendous flexibility in cloud connectivity. This helps us build high margin products faster and deploy on the cloud of our choice. This has been only enhanced by the exceptional support provided by Zentri.”

The three key benefits for embedded app developers using the ZentriOS SDK are:

  1. Unprecedented Flexibility: ZentriOS provides high levels of flexibility for connected products without cloud vendor lock-in or burdening developers with ground-up development otherwise required with agent-based architectures. Developers choose how, when and where to connect products with no restrictions on direct connections between products and mobile or products and any cloud.
  2. Ultimate Developer Efficiency: The SDK allows embedded app developers to build connected product apps in just a few lines of C code because apps build on the advanced features and services offered by ZentriOS including wireless, cloud, security, web, filesystem, and peripheral APIs. This saves developers a massive amount of development, debug and troubleshooting effort when building products that require secure Wi-Fi or Bluetooth LE connectivity. Since this simplifies secure connectivity, developers only need to focus on the app.
  3. Lowest product cost: ZentriOS SDK allows the embedded app to run the connected product without the need for a separate product microcontroller. Eliminating a separate microcontroller and the additional RAM, FLASH, and peripherals greatly reduces the cost of the final product.

Apps developed with the ZentriOS SDK leverage a developer operations (DevOps) friendly environment with the ability to compile, build and distribute apps securely with Zentri’s SDK and Device Management Service (DMS).

“We built ZentriOS and the SDK by listening to our customers’ requirements. This is the result of many years of development and decades of accumulated knowledge in building embedded connected products by our development team,” said Jason Crawford, Chief Technology Officer, Zentri. “This is essentially an experience that is built for developers by developers, which will transform the pace and efficiency in secure IoT product development.”

Learn more about ZentriOS SDK and its availability at www.zentri.com/developers/

About Zentri

Zentri is radically changing the way product companies deliver secure mobile and cloud connected products that deliver rich connected experiences. Leveraging Zentri’s Silicon-to-Cloud Secure Connected Product Platform, our customers get to market in weeks instead of years with highly secure and robust products. In addition to delivering the connected experience product buyers expect, we enable secure product authentication, seamless OTA software update, remote product diagnosis and analytics, and more. The heart of our platform is ZentriOS, a complete product operating system embedded into Zentri’s Wi-Fi and Bluetooth LE modules or available as standalone software, cloud device management software available as a service or as a connector for your existing cloud partner, and iOS/Android SDK’s for mobile app developers. Over 600 customers trust Zentri to securely connect their products and drive deep customer engagement.