Zonoff, Inc. announced Zonoff Accelerator Labs™. Developed to ensure the best device and hardware ecosystem for its clients, Zonoff Accelerator Labs consists of three key program components: Device Ecosystem and Certification, Hardware Reference Designs, and the Zonoff Demo Center.

Zonoff Accelerator Labs™ marries device and feature selection with the industry’s most stringent certification for both interoperability and compatibility. This gives Zonoff’s clients the ability to create unique consumer solutions and get them to market with speed and confidence.

  • Zonoff Ecosystem and Certification –Zonoff’s device ecosystem is a large, robust network of smart devices that work seamlessly together. To be included in this elite ecosystem, devices must be Zonoff Certified™, a complementary certification process that guarantees these devices meet Zonoff’s technical specifications and have been thoroughly tested to work with devices that use different radio protocols such as Z-Wave, Zigbee, WiFi, and Bluetooth. Zonoff’s technical specifications hold the individual smart devices to higher standards than the normal RF standards to ensure a seamless consumer experience in more stringent real world environments.
  • Zonoff Hardware Reference Designs – To ensure speed to market for its partners, Zonoff creates hardware reference designs for hub and gateway devices. These hubs incorporate multiple communication protocols and act as the central control device in the home. Zonoff Hardware Reference Designs enable CE companies and OEMs to speed the manufacture of unique hubs that communicate with any type of IoT device.
  • Zonoff Demo Center – Zonoff’s own smart home, constructed inside their corporate headquarters, serves as the primary demo center for partners to test, explore, and develop use cases for their smart devices. As an in-house research and development facility, the Zonoff Demo Center allows partners, clients and the Zonoff team to determine the value of new technologies and understand the capacity for innovation in the smart home.

“The device ecosystem represents one of the most critical components of a successful Smart Home offering. The refinements in functionality and strategy that we have helped clients and partners to discover through these efforts are invaluable,” said Zonoff CEO and Founder Mike Harris. “Zonoff Accelerator Labs provides our clients the clarity necessary to confidently create the Smart Home experience that best suits their brand and market opportunity.”

About Zonoff, Inc.

Zonoff empowers the worlds leading brands to deliver smart, seamless living to the mass market through our Consumer Internet of Things software and services platform. Zonoff offers a proven, enterprise-scale Consumer IoT Platform with the interoperability, flexibility and reliability needed to successfully support mass market Smart Home offerings. Zonoff’s end-to-end, white-label solution includes the world-class Z1 Software Suite, an exceptional user interface framework, proven hardware reference designs, robust data analytics, a comprehensive device ecosystem and subscription-based services. Zonoff’s Consumer IoT technology and services platform has been successfully adopted by leading brands in multiple vertical markets. For more information, visit www.Zonoff.com