ZYMBIT ZymKey for RaspberryPi

Zymbit, a company that develops hardware and software products for building secure Internet of Things (IoT) solutions, today announced the ZymKey, a low-cost key for authenticating and encrypting data between IoT devices. The company also launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund the first production run of keys. Backers of the Kickstarter campaign can claim their space in the new Zymbit.City, which is a community where makers, developers and datapreneurs collaborate around trusted data streams to solve real problems.

“The Internet of Things will reach its full potential when real people like you and I begin to connect our devices and share data streams,” said Phil Strong, CEO of Zymbit. “Then we can work together to solve real problems that impact our everyday lives. Funding our Kickstarter campaign is not just about building the ZymKey, it’s about enabling an entire community of people to collaborate around secure data streams and ideas.”

The ZymKey is a tiny, low-cost device that integrates silicon and software into a simple, ready-to-go package that will automatically work with Raspberry Pi and other Linux devices. The product integrates seamlessly with Zymbit’s IoT platform, which includes Zymbit.Connect software, Zymbit.City community, and the Zymbit.Orange secure IoT motherboard. Together, the platform lets IoT professional developers and makers innovate faster with the confidence of data security and integrity.

The Zymbit platform makes it easy to collect and share data in a trusted way. The platform embraces open technologies and gives people the freedom to innovate quickly without compromising security or performance. Zymbit.City provides a forum where people with common interests can work together on ideas powered by verified and authenticated data.

An early customer is Dr. Mark Kram of Groundswell Technologies, who is using Zymbit to monitor for potentially harmful air quality conditions. “Many communities are concerned about the release of toxic chemicals into the environment,” Dr. Kram said. “People can be exposed to harmful conditions without their knowledge because our air and breathing environments are rarely monitored continuously. With Zymbit, we can detect exposures whenever and wherever they occur around the devices, identify trends and automatically issue alerts. The ZymKey ensures we are receiving secure, authenticated data because if we’re going to warn people about a risk, we’d better not be wrong.”

People who contribute to the Kickstarter campaign at https://www.kickstarter.com/profile/783834399 will have the opportunity to receive a ZymKey reward when it ships later this year in addition to securing a spot in the Zymbit.city community.

About Zymbit

Founded in 2014, Zymbit is headquartered in Santa Barbara, California with offices in New York, NY. The company provides pre-packaged hardware and software solutions for bringing IoT inspirations to life. Zymbit’s launch products include Zymbit.Orange, and Zymbit.Connect, which are expected to ship in late 2015.